On the Thankspigging menu: Alligator


Ken Yolman is, again, hosting the community Thanksgiving holiday feast at Skinny Legs. He’s asking for a little help from friends.

“We are looking for 25 sponsors at $100 to cover the cost,” Yolman told the Inquiring Iguana. Iguana wrote a check immediately. Call Ken at 340 779 7445 to tell him your check will be in the mail, too.

The inspiration for the theme of this year’s island-wide potluck dinner is “A Mayan Feed,” given that the planets align Dec. 21 marking an Old End and New Beginning.

This year’s menu will be traditional and unusual “We are providing a 100 lb. pig, three 15 lb. deep fried turkeys, cases of beer and a small keg of draft … and whatever else turns up,” said Yolman, an architect and builder in Coral Bay. There will be alligator, too … although not local.  Ken says the 10-lb. critter will be imported from Florida, another Thankspigging tradition.


Thankspigging sign by Paz

The event grew out of Yolman's nearly 20 years on the island, attending his first Thankspigging but with little to share. Now, he repays the generosity of others to him by organizing the event for everyone else. Click here for the history of Thankspigging.

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  1. We were able to attend last year and had a ball! Lots of variety for everyone and everyone seemed to bring lots to share.
    Cheers, RickG

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