North Shore Road: One Month After Irma

Last Saturday, I took a GoPro video of North Shore Road. I posted it in real time – it is just over 18 minutes long. So go and grab a glass of wine or perhaps a Painkiller, and enjoy. This video will give you hope while also showing the reality of what’s currently happening on island.

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  1. Wow…If you didn’t look at the side of the road, much of this looked good. But man, the end got me. Thank goodness for all those who worked to clear that. I was wondering how Francis Bay fared…..

  2. Thanks for the ride !! It’s been 2 years since I’ve been on Island, I miss it SO much ! Even with all the devastation there really is so much beauty and nature will flourish once again. I watched with a glass of wine and said to myself there’s that road ,that drive that goes to that house, there’s that rock..Ect . The natural beauty and soul of the Island is still there. I can see it, and it may sound strange, but You can feel it on the ride. The ” bones ” are still there . Thanks again for the ride ~ Much appreciated !

  3. Thank you for taking the time to video this and share with us. The sky and the budding trees and the glimpses of the beaches are so inspiring that the people and the island will prevail. The ending at Maho truly is sobering. No one can be fooled. There is much work to be done.

  4. Thank you, Jenn, for posting this. I have traveled this road, many times, for 26 years, and, in fact, this would have been 27, since we were scheduled to leave STJ tomorrow after our yearly multi-week (hurricane-time) visit. I have followed all reports, yet I still wake up every morning hoping that we were there, and this was all just a bad dream. My heart is with you all, and I can only imagine the horror of your reality. I am, though, so proud, and not surprised, at what you residents have accomplished. It is what I’ve always sensed, and thus loved about St John–true Love City Strong! I am open to anything that we can do to help, and when you’re ready, we will be back–and all of the green in the video means ‘HOPE’, I’m sure! One more thing…just curious…but is Easter Rock tilted?

  5. Thanks for posting. We are coming again in May our fourth straight year. We also came 30 years ago for honeymoon. Hang in there we will never stop coming. So sorry for all that you guys are going through.

  6. It’s been years since we’ve been there and amazed at how much things have changed…Can see lots of road improvements and so much that wasn’t there ‘back in the day’ ….but our first house on Herrick Hill still stands from the 70s….Thanks soooo much for this look/see….It’s coming back & will be better than ever…Bless you…

  7. A hopeful ride for sure. That new growth is amazing – it should get it’s own Pantone! lol. The dip down into Maho is tough. There was nothing like that dense jungle and palm grove to greet you!

  8. So, so sad but thank you so much for the video, it really shows what the island has gone through. Can’t wait until our next visit.

  9. WOW! What a ride….it was heartbreaking to travel this very familiar road. I am happy to see the green coming back! This was an awesome video and we all appreciate traveling down our beloved North Shore Road.

  10. Thank you for this little ride. Seeing Easter Rock leaning over gives a whole new perspective to the force and power of Irma. But it is still standing….just like the people and will always be a symbol of hope. Blessings and thanks to all who are working to let our island return to the place we all love.

  11. Thanks for posting this, Jen! Heartbreaking, but still good to see new growth. I look forward to seeing future updates so that we can plan when to bring our tourism dollars back to paradise! Peace and love to all in Love City!

  12. Kudos to the crews on the work and their rate of work, if that last image at the entrance to Maho Bay is indicative of the work they have already done to get that far, and they cleared the Maho area since you shot the video. Me and my 16″ Stihl will stay home and wait for a chance to do some lightweight clearing on the trails, should the park service want volunteer help after their professional crew does the heavy lifting on the trails.

  13. Thank you for all your accurate information.Painful but honest. I would like to email you with a question that I don’t want to be public. Would you email me your address. Thank you again for all your work.


  14. There is something strange about this video. Some things seem recognizable through all the devastation. But this road just goes on without hardly any curves or hills? I have traveled this road hundreds of times. Where are the hairpin turns… Did I miss them?

  15. Thanks so much for sharing Jenn. Yes, obviously MUCH, MUCH work has been done. Sure wish we owned several commercial chippers to help further………….

  16. Thank you for the updates and the ride. It was bittersweet. You are one tuff cookie and we really appreciate your work. We are looking forward to coming back for our annual winter visit.

  17. Jenn,

    Thanks for all you do!!! Nature is an amazing thing, it’ strength only surpassed by that of the people of the island and those who are working to help all.

  18. Thank you so much for updating all of us that love STJ. We went to STJ on our honeymoon in 1978 and went back for our 30th anniversary and have been going every year for 10 years now. It is truly our happy place. Your videos show the devastation of Mother Nature, but also show how resilient nature is! The leafing out of the trees and shrubs gives hope of the beauty of the island returning. My heart goes out to all the people who live on island and all the businesses that have to be repaired. We will be back as soon as tourists are allowed and hopefully that will help the economy come back. Sending positive energy and donations your way. XO

  19. Thank you for the video. It gives us an even clearer picture of what the island suffered.
    My family has been going every summer to the same Villa for the last 8 years to Upper Peter Bay. It is truly devastating.

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