Great News About Power Restoration!!

Just a quick update folks…

We just received a call from Bridgette and Jimmy Key, owners of Palm Tree Charters. They just left the morning meeting in Cruz Bay, and they left with great news! Two hundred and fifty additional linemen are en route to the Virgin Islands! How great is that!

Of the 250, 100 will be heading to St. John. Seventy five will head to St. Croix and the other 75 will head to St. Thomas. They will be coming on barges complete with bucket trucks and equipment. These linemen are in addition to the 35 that we already knew were headed to Cruz Bay. That puts the total at 135 linemen plus our current WAPA employees … amazing!!

We confirmed this information with Siobhan Mulvey, one of the organizers of Love City Strong. She said that there is still not a concrete timeline for power restoration, but this is great news nonetheless!!

8 thoughts on “Great News About Power Restoration!!”

  1. Congratulations to everyone on the island.
    Doing a happy dance for you here in Minnesota!!!
    This is great news!


  2. Here comes the cavalry ! God bless’em. Wish I could help. Can’t wait to see this weekend’s video’s. Hoping to visit in January and hope the park will be open again soon

  3. That is the best news! I’m so happy for St. John. I hope improvements and reparations continue to be successful. We will be honeymooning and voluntouring in January.

  4. Wonderful news- I have been following your blog and so appreciate all of this information. My heart is with all of the people in St. John and know the future is bright and sunny!

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