One Month Post-Irma: Cruz Bay to Coral Bay

Yesterday we shared a video of North Shore Road that was taken one month after Irma struck St. John. (Click here if you missed it.) Today we’d like to share a video we took down Centerline Road – from Cruz Bay all the way to Coral Bay. (The video continues to Coral Bay. That portion is still uploading as of 8 a.m. Saturday. We will share it as soon as we can.) We recorded this video last Monday, October 9th. We uploaded it in real time, so you can all see the current state of the island. (It’s been split into two videos due to length.)

The Centerline video is harder to watch than the North Shore video. The trees located mid-island are still stripped bare in many places. The areas where mudslides appeared are visible. Power lines dangle over the roadway. Chateau Bordeaux has been destroyed, as are many houses in the hillsides.

St. John has a long road ahead. I thank you all for your continued love and support.


21 thoughts on “One Month Post-Irma: Cruz Bay to Coral Bay”

  1. Thanks Jenn for all of the videos….it’s so nice to see new green replacing the brown….any news about Josephine and her gardens?….I hope she is able to rebuild and regrow….it’s one of the many special things about STJ…..Still trying to figure out how to best come help and welcome any suggestions….
    STJ Strong

    • I read her family is safe, but the greenhouses got wiped out. BUT, a crew from Longboard was out there cleaning things up.

  2. How did the houses on the end of East End fare? I heard Steve and Jean lost their house completely…how about Les Anderson? Sylvia? I lived there about 8 years and they were some of my last neighbors. I lived in the sprawling stone house across from Les and Mary.

  3. I waited until today to watch these videos. I think mostly because it’s Saturday and I’m not at work… but I was also afraid of the impact they would have on me.
    It feels more real to me now. There is so much to be done to not just clean centerline road but all the building materials that have blown all over. It’s almost too bad that the overgrowth is coming in so quickly. There will be trash in those wooded areas forever.
    Oh, wow… it just is crazy. Significant difference between the Coral Bay side and the Cruz Bay side, too.
    Wow… just in shock.
    Thanks for sharing, Jenn. It makes us all that more determined to continue to raise money for cleanup efforts!

  4. Thank you soooo much for these videos. I don’t care what people say, I know that the devastation is obvious – but, St. John is, in my eyes, still as beautiful as ever. The greenery will grow back and I don’t know if I should use the word “normal” but things will return to normal. The landscape is breathtaking, even now – the blue skies, beaches and best of all – the wonderful, kind and overall “down to earth” people we have ever met over the years. Miss St. John, haven’t been on island for several years but, still stay in touch and I am proud to say “my friends”! Love to all!

  5. Thanks Jenn for the videos! Great help for us outside USVI to grasp what happened to people and the Island when the hurricanes hit. Hard to understand that anyone could survive nature´s forces when watching the results. Good to see green leaves coming back and what must be results of heavy work clearing the roads!

  6. I think it is awesome how you are documenting all of this. Everything you are doing from posts and videos all have such a nice cohesion about them. It’s defiantly archival quality work and I am sure all of your work that serves us today, will serve folks far into the future when this storm is just a memory for a few old salty dogs. Keep up the great work.

    • Hello Bill, I wasn’t able to get that yet and had to fly stateside to have strong enough internet to upload. I will take that as soon as I return. I’m sorry, I couldn’t do all because of the amount of space they take up on a computer.

  7. Thank you Jenn so much for these videos. I do believe I am a bit in shock. We will keep pushing for all the news coverage we can get and keep the donations flowing!! We will be back in April to work anywhere we can and support the local businesses!

  8. Thank you Jenn..Wow what a difference between North Shore and Centerline. I recognized certain landmarks, but so much looks foreign. Positive thoughts going out to all the folks on the island.

  9. Thanks for all the video’s. I worked at the MKS clinic and I was forced off the island 8 days after Irma and I am still in shock. I would love to see more of Coral Bay, and Kings Hill Road. I lived up Gerda Marsh, I could not get through when I had to chance to get a ride out there from the clinic. Would also love to see more through Coral Bay, maybe down to Miss Lucy’s. Thirst Donkey, I know Greg and Kathy are there now trying to fix it up. I know it must be hard to be driving and continuing to see all the devastation. Thank you for everything you do!

  10. Jenn, as always you are doing a great job of keeping us up to date on the good, as well as the bad, that is happening on St. John. We all thank you for this. Just be careful driving under those leaning poles…makes me nervous just watching the video! Side note, did the fork-in-the-road survive?

    • Yes, the fork survived!

      For some reason, the video makes it appear that we were driving faster than we actually were. I assure you we are always as safe as possible when creating these movies. 🙂

  11. Thank you for s, we can get so little information about Coral Bay. I hope,they won’t use the need to rebuild as an excuse to put in the huge marina.

  12. Well USVI govenah Mapp just asked President Bush for 100 billion dollars to rebuild the three islands. So I don’t know how much my $100 I sent via gofundme is really going to help much. Hopefully the corrupt island government doesn’t take our hard earned taxpayer money.

  13. Maybe it’s time Bush puts the USVI and Puerto Rico up for sale. If we could get 12 trillion dollars for both island chains then our national debt would be wiped out and we would be in a great position. Why do we really need these places anyway. All they do is run up huge debt and expect mainlanders to bail out their sorry arses. I’m tired of it which is why I’m glad Bush is pulling out of PR.

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