New Business Alert!  Cruz Bay Landing’s Coffee Shop and Creamery

New Business Alert! Cruz Bay Landing’s Coffee Shop and Creamery

Good Morning everyone…And a happy Wednesday to you!  Today, I’d like to share a little exciting news with you about a new spot in Cruz Bay to get a premium cup o joe and food on the go!

If you’ve been on island over the past few months, you may have seen some construction happening at Cruz Bay Landing.   They have diligently remained open throughout the shifting regulations regarding COVID-19, but have been embarking on their own little quarantine project behind the scenes!

New Business Alert! Cruz Bay Landing's Coffee Shop and Creamery 1

Since they opened their doors, the little coffee bar inside of the Landing has been bustling.  This week, they opened the Coffee House and Creamery, expanding their coffee shop operations to give valued customers more efficient service with A LOT of new variety.

The new addition to the Landing will still serve the same great specialty coffee drinks with an expanded bar area for dine in seating.  A grab and go cooler offers cold N/A beverages and Trulys and will eventually be filled with to-go sandwiches as well.

New Business Alert! Cruz Bay Landing's Coffee Shop and Creamery 2

The Landing is teaming up with Boarshead for their handcrafted sandwich offerings and are currently working on developing some specialty options.  They will shortly be adding BELGIUM STREET WAFFLES to the menu as well!

The waffles will be offered as a dessert option to satisfy your sweet tooth and will be incorporated as sandwich bread to add to their, what I’m sure will be amazing, savory options.

Ice cream will be another big bonus with cups, cones and milkshakes to choose from.  The new coffee bar will also be offering fresh fruit smoothies for those of you who are a little more health conscious.

I personally am very excited to see the ongoing evolution of this new expansion!  Cruz Bay Landing has been one of my favorite spots in town since they opened their doors and I’m sure the quality dining experience will carry over to the Coffee House and Creamery.

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  1. My husband and 3 other couples will be visiting next month, and we are so ready for a little r & r. Looking forward to spending 2 weeks with y’all.

  2. So so so excited for this little gem! I love Cruz Bay Landing and stopped every morning, while visiting, for a iced coffee. Cannot wait to try the new items in two weeks! Nothing but love for St. John and the people.

  3. What happened to the books shop by Starfish market? They were my go-to place for great Vietnamese coffee. The owner John was always so gracious and welcoming.

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