“My Virgin Island” Music Video – Produced By Steve Simonsen

“My Virgin Island” Music Video – Produced By Steve Simonsen

Good Morning!  And happy Fri-YAY!  I have a quick but very uplifting update for all of you before we get into the weekend.  Last week, renowned St. John photographer Steve Simonsen reached out to me about a music video project that he has been working on with a young artist who was born in the Virgin Islands.  The video he sent me moved me to tears and was so incredibly well produced with beautiful imagery of the people and places of the Virgin Islands that I absolutely had to share it with you all!

Nearly a year ago I was approached by a young (born here) very talented lady by the name of Cassandra Bitterwolf. I’ve had the pleasure of working with her on previous photo and video projects. She messaged me one morning and said she had a song that she just wrote entitled “My Virgin Island”. She wanted me to hear it and work with her to turn it into a video. – Steve Simonsen

Steve and musician and model Cassandra LOVED the final product so much that Steve approached the Department of Tourism in an attempt to persuade them to use this video for future commercials and soundbites.  And, while they have not been necessarily receptive to the idea, Steve decided that he would launch the video himself to the Steve Simonesen Photography Vimeo channel last weekend…On he and Janet’s 33rd anniversary!

Since the launch last weekend, the video has received over 3k views on Vimeo.

Watch the video:


Steve and I thought that all of you would enjoy the tunes, the sights and the sounds of the USVI as videoed and produced by Steve Simonsen himself.  What a great way to get into the weekend, right?

If you enjoyed this video, follow Cassandra on Spotify for more upcoming tunes and to take this one along with you on the go and follow along on Steve’s Vimeo channel for more amazing visuals from the VI.

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  1. That was wonderful! Love the tune and seeing all the people made me smile. So colorful, too! Thank you Steve and Cassandra.

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