Cinnamon Bay Museum near completion



Renovation of the Virgin Islands National Park's museum at Cinnamon Bay appears to be on schedule for a January opening.

This 1680’s historic structure is believed to be one of the oldest buildings that remains standing on the island, most likely built as great house.

Thirty years ago, the waterfront, concrete building was a bare bones convenience store selling hamburger patties, bread and toilet paper.  Then it became the center of archaeologist Ken Wild's excavation along the beach, hosting exhibits of findings and serving as a classroom for interns and volunteers.

Over the past three years, fund raisers have been at work to find money for the project.  Plans are for the Cinnamon Bay Museum to chronicle the island's history from the first arrival of humans (200BC-1000BC) to include the role of the Taino and Carib Indians and the impact of European settlements and commerce.

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