St. John Westin holiday deal: 93% Off

RatesA luxurious villa at the Westin Resort for $107 a night during the the highest of the high season?  

That's the deal scored by a bidder in the Friends of the Virgin Islands National Park online auction over the weekend.

Normally priced at something close to $1,300/night, the villa has three baths and sleeps six.  And, even at that price, the Westin's Web site is showing they're 'sold out'.

The villa timeshare interest for the last two weeks of this year was a last-minute addition to the Friends' auction.  It drew surprisingly little interest, only two bids.

Glenda Werbel, believed to be a Peter Bay resident with extensive real estate holdings on the island, was identified as the donor of the villa's use.  The winner was listed as fmclean.

While the lodging cost is certainly a bargain, fmclean and the traveling party cannot expect airlines to be so generous.  US Air is quoting last-minute tickets to St. Thomas at $1,156, round trip, from Dulles.

But all's well that is ending well.  Fmclean and family/friends get a fabulous deal for the holiday season and the Friends' auction adds another $1,500 to the $28,000 it previously raised.  Merry Christmas.

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