Making a splash at Trunk Bay

While spring is taking its sweet, sweet time arriving on the east coast, Gerald Singer says the weather’s fine at Trunk Bay.

The author of several St. John guide books blogged that the waters around the island are now fine, too. To prove he wasn't dreaming he was at Trunk Bay, before the tourists
arrived, he posted this video (and cool music) on YouTube.

As an official baby when it comes to complaining about cold water temperature, at least for swimming, I hereby declare the beaches of St. John to be warm enough to enjoy a little soak now and then.  (via Singer's St. John Life blog)


17 thoughts on “Making a splash at Trunk Bay”

  1. Boy, I needed that today. DH and I have had any number of non-life-threatening medical problems crop up lately, which preclude planning a trip to our paradise.
    Better times soon come, and this clip brings it home for us.

  2. The way I’d like to wake up every day!
    Next week is Belize for us, sailing and scuba — but we’ll be back in STJ by 2010 (God and economy willing!)

  3. We will be there in 6 days. Can’t wait. Let me know how you like Belize Patricia. Planning that for next year. Did St. Lucia last year and it was gorgeous.

  4. been to st. john’s twice and it never ceases amaze me. it is one of the most beautiful places i’ve ever been and i can’t wait to go back again

  5. I am in Colorado with two feet of snow and I have to wait till Thanksgiving to get back to SJ. But I know it is worth the wait. These reminders are GREAT.

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