Island dogs alone and toy-less

041509_accThe kitties and puppies, and cats and dogs, at the Animal Care Center are getting BORED STIFF!!!  They need some toys.

After an ACC board member alerted me to the fact the animals are so weary they are drumming with their toenails, I gathered this pile of stuff at a Dollar Store for $13.65 .

The shipment of plush squeaky toys, tennis balls, tuggers, and rawhide chews is going out today.

If you’d like to add your two-cents worth, or let’s say $10, send the results of your shopping spree to the Animal Care Center, PO Box 37, St John VI 00831

8 thoughts on “Island dogs alone and toy-less”

  1. Thank you Frank for posting the need for animals toys. They are so needed….Kitty treats as well.
    Leashes, collars donations!

  2. Yes, adopt an animal and bring it home with you!
    Let’s not forget about our schools – come September it would be nice to send care packages to them as well. Thanks!

  3. When shopping at Petland in Lewisville, Texas, Robert asked me what kind of dog I had. I told him I have two lab/blue heelers but my mission today was shopping for the island dogs and cats of St. John USVI who needed toys to play with. He generously discounted all of the toys we will be sending. Thank you for letting us know about the need for pet toys.

  4. I will also be sending a package for the pups. I want to warn though that toys and treats bought at some discounts can contain parts that can be ripped off and ingested – fiberous stuffing, metal/plastic eyes and other parts – that endanger the dogs when torn and swallowed. And, treats of chews and rawhides NOT made in USA can contain below standard contents and harmful ingredients – dyes, flavoring and short-cuts taken in made in China. Not to damper enthusiasm, but these can bring on a need for medical attention that these pups are not set up for in the beginning. So keep in mind when giving.

  5. Thank you everyone who has sent toys, etc. Both the dogs and the cats are thrilled someone surprised them….Thanks again everyone

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