Love on St. John’s most popular beach

More than 70 couples crowded the Trunk Bay beach at sunset Tuesday to renew their marriage vows as part of the annual Valentine’s Day “Celebration of Love.”

The event is organized by Cathy Dove and Anne Marie Porter, a non-denominational minister and wedding planner.  Each couple receives a certificate of marriage re-affirmation

“Our National Park beaches are among some of the most beautiful in the world and ideal for our marriage vow renewal ceremony,” Porter said.

Karin and Bob Schlesinger, owners of Tropical Focus Photography, provided these photos. (BTW, Bob and Karin celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary last week.)

Among the renewal participants were Henry and Betty Costabel of Cornwall, N.Y.  The secret of their 57 years together? “You’ve got to know how to play cards,” he told the St. John Source.


Anne Marie Porter

4 thoughts on “Love on St. John’s most popular beach”

  1. Trunk Bay is a gorgeous spot to get married or renew your vows.
    My husband and I plan on going back to Trunk Back Halloween 2013 for our 5 year anniversary.
    Until then, I can only daydream about Maho Bay, Mongoose Junction and Skinny Legs after some beach time.
    Missing the Island Lifestyle…..

  2. Awww, that’s very sweet. The energy and vastness of the sea and the beach make it a great spot for some lovin’. The warm atmosphere is very inviting, and it’s easy for couples to be comfortable in such a place.

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