GastroGrub fans – all may not be lost

The doors may be closed, but the tastes linger on.

Last month, conceding he didn't have enough cash on hand to keep operating, Allan LancasterGastroGub's creator packed up his knives and locked the door.

The second floor space at the Marketplace, where Plancha del Mar got its start, is vacant again. Lancaster thanked the La Plancha guys for the opportunity to give it a try, but he just couldn't make it.

But on his Facebook page, he hints he ain't done yet. "Stay tuned to hear when .. your favorite Gastro Grub plates will show up next!

Lancaster has, himself, been a kind of movable feast. While he's worked at several St. John restaurants, he's perhaps best known for his weekly appearances at the Tamarind Inn's patio restaurant where he'd whip up his specialities one night a week.

He might do the same sort of thing again, there or somewhere else. In any event, it doesn't appear we've heard the last of Gastro Grub.

"Untilk then," Lancaster said, "Happy Eating."

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