Quiet Mon Pub to close?


The rumors are hot and heavy on the island and scorching on the Internet: "We knew the parade wasn't happening but we didn't know until yesterday that Quiet Mon would be closing," reported the Sun Times Magazine late Wednesday evening.

Wet Woody's Facebook page followed up with "confirmation" saying, "Wherever you are right now in this great wide world we live in, raise your glass to our friends at the Quiet Mon Pub. Thanks for the good times!"

The Inquiring Iguana called the Pub's phone number Thursday morning.  No answer.

There has been no official announcement from the Pub on its Web site page.

About a week ago, the Virgin Islands On-Line forum began hearing rumblings that Quiet Mon, one of the island's oldest and still-funky-comfortable-low-key-friendly bars would be closing. 
"Basically it sounds like someone partied too hard, hurt themselves somehow (fell down the stairs?), sued the Quiet Mon and Quiet Mon now has to close," said STJgal. "It wasn't clear if they are closing because they lost the lawsuit and can't pay the damages or if they couldn't pay to fight the lawsuit."

DesignbyRoe said she'd heard the accident happened two years ago. "Their insurance couldn't cover the cost of a lawsuit they lost — someone fell off the balcony and us paralyzed.  Other side of story says they didn't have any insurance; couldn't get insurance after they lost the lawsuit; or just ran out if money."

The Quiet Mon Pub, on the second floor, above La Tapa has been a favorite of the island for decades.  TripAdvisor called it a top five bar.  Reviews on Yelp raved about the place.

Reaction to word of a lawsuit prompted a predictable reaction on the forum from CariBert. "Oh good Lord…..you drink too much, you get drunk? Hot coffee is Hot? You pull on a big machine and it falls on you? Someone ought to sue the Lawyers for taking frivolous law suits……JMHO."

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  1. I’m not sure if it was the Quiet Mon Pub for decades, I can remember when it was called the Bad Art Bar, but what ever name it went by, it was a nice hangout…

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