Lovango Resort & Beach Club Opening in December

Lovango Resort & Beach Club Opening in December

In an article published last week, we reported that the BVI will continue to keep their seaports closed for some time while they test out their re-opening protocols at the Beef Island airport.  This, unfortunately, means we won’t be heading “across the pond” via boat any time soon.  But, the beautiful waters of the USVI and some new things to do locally are calling.  So, you should still do yourself a favor and get out on a boat while you are here!

Namely, in the news today, Lovango Resort & Beach Club is opening in mid-December!  The development of the property on our smaller sister island (Lovango Cay) began last fall and a lot of you likely visited for lunch or dinner if you were on island last winter.  Jenn wrote about the original opening if you want some more details on the initial plans.

Well, this season, they are gearing up with a new waterfront restaurant concept, a retail village, a full service beach and pool club that will allow visitors access to the amenities and the beginnings of overnight lodging and mooring options.

First, the Beach Club.  A day membership on the island will get you access to the infinity pool with an option of a reserved chaise lounge, day bed or cabana, towels, snorkeling equipment, pool or beach side food and beverage service, hiking trails, and beach games.  Sounds like a dream day to me!

Lovango Resort & Beach Club Opening in December 1
Poolside cocktails? Yes, please!

The snorkeling there is incredible.  And the team at Lovango Resort & Beach Club is partnering with the University of the Virgin Islands (UVI) to restore the coral around the island.  In addition to providing an educational experience for the UVI students working to restore the reefs, this program will provide guests with an exciting and inclusive experience in coral reef restoration.

Lovango Resort & Beach Club Opening in December 2
Future site of Beach Club – Photo Courtesy Anne Bequette, STJ Creative and Lovango Resort & Beach Club

After all that activity, you should probably swing by the expanded waterfront restaurant for a bite and a drink!  The restaurant will be open in December, offering lunch and dinner daily and brunch on the weekends.  The menu (soon come!) will be seasonally inspired with ingredients sourced throughout the USVI and will offer a fresh approach to classic Caribbean cuisine. Executive Chef Stephen Belie; previously of Noble House Resorts on Little Palm Island, Florida, brings to the table a wealth of experience in creating sea to table delicacies.  Even if you are simply enjoying a cocktail, the views from your table will not disappoint.

Lovango Resort & Beach Club Opening in December 3

The Lovango Resort will begin a phased opening of their accommodations this winter as well.  In December, they will open a three-bedroom villa on the property that will soon be available for rent.  In early 2021, they will begin the phased opening of several “luxury glamping and bungalow cottages.”   Also, this December, the resort will start showcasing its limited private home lots that will be for sale early next year.

Lovango Resort & Beach Club Opening in December 4

In the coming months, Lovango Resort & Beach Club will release more information on accommodations, home sales, the restaurant and beach day memberships.  Like last year, they are planning to offer local discounts.  The island is only accessible by private boat or the resort’s private ferry so they also plan to work closely with charter companies to make this a fun and inclusive way for their guests to enjoy a day, or evening, on the water in the USVI!

You can check out their current info here but a new website will launch next month.  Stay tuned and we will update you as we learn more!

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  1. From the pictures, it seems to be tastefully done. Low profile, blending in with the island and not sticking out like an ugly mole on a lovely face. I hope it stays that way and becomes a wonderful addition to the many ways of enjoying these islands we love so much.

  2. good to hear progress and looks beautiful. if there’s snorkeling, i’m there. did a day visit when Zozo was there. speaking of, any update on their return to Caneel ? and what were those signs near line point road i recall advertising Caneel luxury accommodations? thanks!

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