Where to go shopping on St. John


Shopping is not the first thing that pops into your head when you think about visiting St. John.  That's what beaches and iguanas and sun are for.  But for some travelers, well, they just gotta.

"There's not an abundance of shopping on St. John," 10Best.com agrees, "but nevertheless there's ample opportunity for visitors to stock up on beachwear, souvenirs, trinkets, and unique gifts."

The list is heavy on art, collectibles, and clothing. 

Number 1 is Bajo El Sol in Mongoose Junction. "Paintings, collage, jewelry, sculpture and ceramics are just a few of the art forms you'll find, by celebrated local artists such as Aimee Trayser, Deborah St. Clair and John Holub."

"One thing you won't find in St. John are chain stores like Starbucks or the Gap," 10Best.com advises. "Just cute little boutiques selling creative items like dyed cloth, house wares made of tropical woods, and beautiful locally-made sculptures, and jewelry."

St., John Editions, is one of those gems, a small business in on the road to Mongoose Junction. "This charming little boutique specializes in tasteful women's clothing. Owner Molly Soper carries a selection of swimsuits, cotton dresses, straw hats and inexpensive jewelry."

10 thoughts on “Where to go shopping on St. John”

  1. Hi Guys – I love me some STJ Shopping – Heck, I just love me some STJ. If anyone is interested in JCREW shopping – I have a little Boutique on EBAY and yes, I have some island customers, believe it or not! I’m Fraziermurray on Ebay – I would love to have some more Island Customers!!

  2. I love St. John Spice! When you walk in there the smell of all the different spices, teas, rubs, is heavenly! Always have to hit that store when I go to St. John!

  3. I love shopping all those shops & have had items shipped from Donald Schnell to home, RI Patton for rings, Framed Art Work from Elaine and I love, love food, so, St. John Spice is another favorite. Love to have the Tastes of the Islands when I’m at home~ It’s all in what you’re looking for at that time. They all carry wonderful pieces…Can’t wait for my visit in April!!! Wooo Hoo!!

  4. I try not to waste precious island time shopping – I can do that at home… but a trip without a new T from Big Planet, Skinny Legs, Woody’s or a One Horn Butt Fish T from Trunk Bay would just be, not right !!

  5. I’m not a huge shopper when on STJ, but I love to spend a little part of the time browsing- and I think STJ has the perfect stores! The right mix of interesting things. Love all the stores on the list, and more. I always end up picking up a few things that I love. Back in 2 weeks- can’t wait!

  6. I love perusing the shops on STJ! I am obsessed with The Best of Both Worlds. Love their photographs and glass jellyfish. It’s fun to browse the T-shirts at Big Planet. Caravan has some really interesting pieces of jewelry. And St. John Spice is a legend for good reason. The aromas that hit you when you walk in are intoxicating.

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