Grande Bay Resort is beginning to get feedback from guests on TripAdvisor

Management at the Cruz Bay development are so pleased they've highlighted some of the comments on their marketing Web site.

"The results have been sensational," said John Alvarado, who's heading up fractional ownership marketing. "We knew that the Cruz Bay location would be a favorite, but the wonderful reaction to the resort staff and the amenities has been gratifying."

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  1. My wife and I are regular visitors to St John and watched Grande Bay being built. Last week we got a craveing to go to STJ and we made a last minute trip (just returned yesterday). Rather than renting a villa we tried Grand Bay. It was fantastic. Great ammenaties, very friendly staff, close to Cruz Bay, and they have their own parking garage for a jeep! All in all, this really is a nice alternative to renting a villa….especially if you want to get away last minute and only for a few days….we stayed for five and already hate being back in the cold!

  2. I don’t doubt the resort is nice but the fact remains it is still a jarring eye sore. Because of the lack of respect for the island’s “quaint charm” we will never patronize the place. Sorry.

  3. People who come here for a week or two don’t see the bigger picture – that the Cruz Bay they see is the result of all St John is losing, if not lost – namely its vernacular architecture and cultural town. The shortsightedness of the people behind it is astounding. We’re still shaking our heads. Grande Bay should never have been allowed to have been built. I would never recommend it

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