Gotham couple do St. John

(The Inquiring Iguana erred in originally identifying Nick Carr as a "Boy" Scout. The II was obviously oblivious to Nick's naming his blog consistent with his job. What got the Iguana disoriented were the pictures of the creepy crawlies. II figured that was a tipoff that it was a Boy Scout. Who'd think a hot couple from New York would be hiking and camping and crawling around in the flora and fauna?)


What are a couple of New Yorkers likely to do for fun on St. John?  A young man and his girlfriend?  For a week? Wrong!  At least this couple. 

"Scout" and his companion walked and hiked and swam and walked some more, according to their just-published trip report. You'll learn a lot reading this article, even if you have walked around the old Cinnamon Bay Estate House near the Park, or taken the Reef Bay Hike, or kicked around the Annaberg ruins, .

For instance, did you know the Cinnamon Bay house was occupied until 1968?  Or that there's a cemetery nearby?  Or that if you detour from the Reef Bay trail, (a mile!), you'll find a 40-foot waterfall?

And, of course, who's surprised that Scout's blog about St. John includes photos of creepy crawly things: worms, crabs, spiders, and bats. The guy makes his living scouting (!) movie locations in New York.  So there are also lots of images of ruins and petroglyphs and so forth. 

This guy has posted an excellent article about what you will see and learn when you go out and about the island.

One excellent piece of advice is to buy Gerald Singer's book, "St. John: Off the Beaten Track". Scout says it "tells you everything you need to know, from a full list of trails and access points, to the least crowded beaches, to the most impressive snorkeling spots. Like the best guide books, it reads like a love letter to the island, and will have you excited to explore months before you finally arrive."

Read Scout's St. John trip report.


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