Here’s What’s Happening in the Park

VI Park Sign June 10 2019

Coming to the island soon and curious what park activities are being offered? Well here’s the full list for October. Opportunities may change month to month, so please check out the Virgin Islands National Park’s Facebook page or website for the most up-to-date information.

Park Activities October 2019

The Reef Bay Hike has not resumed since the hurricanes. You can hike this trail on your own, however.

Happy trip planning everyone!

5 thoughts on “Here’s What’s Happening in the Park”

  1. Does anyone know of a boat captain that would pick us up at the Reef Bay Trail beach? We would be hiking down the trail and hope to find a short charter to take us back to the Westin or Cruz Bay. Really enjoyed the hike when the Park Service was running it. We will be on St. John over Thanksgiving.

    • This really doesn’t exist. In order to do this, you will have to hire a boat for at least a half day. You still will have a short swim to get to the boat.

  2. Sad they haven’t re-started the Reef Bay hike/boat pickup. One of our favorites but the hike back uphill is too much for us & many others. Hope to see this added back to the agenda in November.

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