Grande Bay: pool and parking

The owners of a unit at Grande Bay, the condominium development waterside in Cruz Bay, have said they expect the project's pool, hot tub and gym should be done by year end.

Grandebaypool In a posting on the forum of Virgin-islands-On-Line.com, CruzanLuvr said the gym will be on the second floor and face the water while the pool will have a cascading waterfall.  The post also included photos of the project including this one of the pool.
Predictably, the post also generated some negative comments about Grande Bay's being too big, gaudy, and extravagant for the island.

Hugo said he's heard "There is a possibility that Grande Bay might be denied their occupancy permit, due to more law breaking. They apparently never built the second level of parking required by DPNR, per Craig Barshinger last week, so they are in violation of their building permit."

Here's a link to Barshinger's complaint, published on the Islandia Real Estate blog.

"Grande Bay developers added double-decker parking to the blueprint in order to ensure sufficient parking would be in place," Barshinger said in a letter to Natural Resources commissioner Robert Mathes.

"In response to complaints, I examined the parking bays on the ground floor last week. There are no double-decker bays. Please do an official inspection of parking at Grande Bay."

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