Low-budget Times travel writer rates Maho highly

Maho The Sunday New York Times carries a long article about the experience of camping on St. John at Stanley Selengut's Maho Bay.  The writer, Benji Lanyado, clearly enjoyed himself and recommends Maho for its unspoiled, back-to-nature, but not-too-rustic experience.

"It felt something like a Caribbean commune," he wrote. "An intergenerational summer camp where families forgo the luxuries of all-inclusive hotels for an ingenious shantytown of recycled materials, solar power and rainwater showers."

The London-based travel writer points out "Maho Bay could very well be closed" in a few years if Maho's leased land is sold to a new owner.  But he notes the camping experience would live on at the National Park's Cinnamon Bay.

Lanyado is probably a well-meaning guy, but the Inquiring Iguana would dispute some of his report. 

For instance, the writer refers to Coral Bay as Coral Harbour; says "the best meal we had on the island" was at Vie's Snack Shack (The garlicky chicken is great but 'the best'?); recommends Woody's over Morgan's Mango (not on my palate).  Lanyado also says Island Blues was "was the most convivial … cafe", not even mentioning Skinny Legs.

What you can't quarrel with is the photo illustrating the article.  Steve Simonsen got the assignment to shoot the raised walkways of Maho.

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  1. I agree . Skinny’s has gotten a little too boring for me once they started kicking out the unusual people. Island Blues is always hopping.

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