Monster cruise ship arriving Tuesday

Oasis-of-the-seas-1_yxys2_48St. Johnians may get a glimpse of the world's largest cruise ship when it visits the Virgin Islands Dec. 8. 

The ship might be seen from St. John as it departs St. Thomas that evening on its way to St. Maarten.

The Governor's office has organized a task force to prepare for the Oasis of the Seas. It is expected to have 20,000 passengers (according to a news release from the Gov.'s office).  This is wrong, as one reader made clear.

In fact the ship carries 5,400 passengers and has a crew of 2,000.  When you include the four other ships which will be in port, that's where the 20K number comes from.

Representatives from the departments of Tourism, Public Works, Police, Port Authority and others have been meeting to prepare for the ocean liner which will arrive when four other ships will be in port.

There is no word whether passengers will be able to take day trips to St. John.  Given that many cruises do offer such excursions, it's possible there may be more people at Trunk Bay than usual next Monday.   

"A feat of architecture and imagination, Oasis of the Seas (is) designed around seven neighborhood concepts, each with a distinct personality and range of sights and activities," according to a news release from Royal Caribbean, the operator. " From the awe-inspiring ocean-side seating of the AquaTheater to the lush green landscape of Central Park, there's something for everyone to discover."

8 thoughts on “Monster cruise ship arriving Tuesday”

  1. 20,000 passengers???????????
    That is simply not even close – maybe! with all the ships that 12/8 day but certainly not aboard Oasis – where did that number come from?

  2. I can’t find the “news release from the Gov.’s office” that refers to 20,000 passengers.
    Where is it, exactly?
    And is the ship arriving Monday, or Tuesday? Which is it?

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