Governor OK’s money for ferries

Timing, it appears, IS everything.

After threatening to stop service days ahead of the start of the new tourist season, St. John’s ferry companies have won approval of a subsidy of $530,000. 

Such an allocation by the V.I. Senate was originally vetoed by Governor John deJongh. He said it would bust the Territory’s budget.

But the Virgin islands Daily News reported late last week the V.I. Public Works department contacted a top Senator and urged him to override the veto. The Senate did so Thursday night. 

Sen. Shawn-Michael Malone told the newspaper, there was consensus that the ferry companies needed the money to keep operating.  Malone also warned the companies may need more money.

While the Governor’s aides said they wanted to see financial records of the ferry operators to justify their pay-up-or-swim stance, no such information was made available publicly.  if there is any sort of investigation into the operation of these all-cash, often-non-receipt-issuing businesses, it’s not been obvious.

2 thoughts on “Governor OK’s money for ferries”

  1. With this recent subsidy, I trust the ferry personnel will discard their tip jars and greet everyone with a smile! It would be a nice New Year’s Resolution and certainly a boost to Repeat Tourism for the area.

  2. It will never happen but the VI government should open the service up to bids from companies outside the VI. Look at the ferry service in Bermuda for a good example of how it could and should be. Neat, clean, friendly and on time!!!

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