Good news of St. John

Rotary St. John’s Rotary Club meets every Friday at the Westin Resort

I’ve been a guest a few times and it’s a great group, maybe 15-20 people each meeting. The membership includes a lot of business owners who give freely of their time and resources to make things better.

At a recent meeting, Rotary members talked about some of their activities. 

Bob Schlesinger, a terrific photographer – and Club Secretary – summarized the meeting in the groups; weekly newsletter (which he produces).

The first topic was a recent St. John Youth Committee rally in which scholarship information was made available so seniors can start planning on applying.

Bill Willigerod updated the group on Rotary scholarship winner, Claudia.  Her almost perfect GPA and major in psychology were pretty impressive.

Sharon Coldren reported Sputniks in Coral Bay will be starting a Learn At Lunch program.

Miles Stair and Geri Kotas explained the Reading in the Library program that Rotary volunteers at, Thursdays from 9-11 a.m.

Dave Carlson explained a challenge presented by St. Ursula's Church food program for the elderly.  He persuaded Starfish Market to donate the store’s refrigerators that are being replaced as part of the store’s renovation.

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