Stoplights!!!!!!! on St. John

Light It’s happened. 

The island which prided itself on NOT having a stoplight,now has several thanks to construction of the Roundabout where South Shore and Centerline roads meet downtown.

Kayre Carney at Islandia Real Estate posted this photo of the construction site.

Roundabout “We saw the installation of temporary traffic lights,” she said. "No one paid a bit of attention to (them).” 

And despite the lights, well, don’t say technology reduces labor costs. Carney says, “Now have traffic directors with whistles."

5 thoughts on “Stoplights!!!!!!! on St. John”

  1. They had these last year when they were repaving the North Shore Rd. by Peter Bay and Caneel. They’re only temporary – so no one cares.

  2. We used temporary stoplights during construction of roads in Cruz Bay, 1999 and again in Coral Bay 2000 and 2003. They are required by federal higways for some lane closure activity, Does not mean anyone obeys them… or enforces them.

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