Clothing by Chesney

Kennyhat The most popular country singer in the US …  who is also a part time resident of St. John … is moving beyond music to ready-made wear.

Kenny Chesney will launch his new clothing line Aug. 31 at the MAGIC Marketplace apparel show in Las Vegas, a three-day fashion industry trade show. He will kick off his latest venture with an invitation-only concert Sept. 1 at Hard Rock Hotel, according to CNS.

The line of clothing for men and women is branded Blue Chair Bay, a reference to one of Chesney’s songs about a chair on the beach near his house at Peter Bay.

Speaking to People magazine, Chesney said his pieces are designed to feel like “that favorite T-shirt that you’ve washed a lot, that is kind of sun bleached … your favorite khakis, and your shirt you’ve had forever.” The line also includes cowboy hats and tennis caps, produced by Dorfman-Pacific.

So far, no St. John store has been mentioned as carrying the Chesney Line.  At least one store that will carry it, Levy’s in Nashville, sells top brands like Hugo Boss, Armani, and Hickey Freeman.

5 thoughts on “Clothing by Chesney”

  1. I’m sure this could be classified as a “service” to his fans that can afford it. How cool is it going to be to have the first article of Blue Bay Chair clothing on St. John! Does anyone on island carry Huge Bass or Enemy clothing anyway? The rich looking for another way to get richer. I have no doubt it will be another hit.

  2. I’m not sure I’ve ever listened to Kenny’s music, so I can’t say I’m a fan. I had to comment on the statement “rich looking for another way to get richer”. How do you think this line of clothing will be made? By him personally or by magic???? He will be employing people. Gee what a concept; someone with money creating jobs. Good for him. I hope he rakes it in!

  3. Well, hopefully, they will be jobs for US employees. If Jimmy Buffett can do it why not Kenny. I’d buy it! I love his concerts, love his music. It’s what lead me to the Islands, although I got married in Jamaica years before being a fan. So I have always been and island girl at heart.

  4. Honestly – Kenny needed to come up with a decent line of clothing & promo items. The items on his site was slim pickings. I am a thick chic (not skinny, not fat) but I hope he has considered sizes for “real” women and 50+ years and can more likely afford. Kenny can really expand with some cool items. I used to be in the promo item business and I think he made a great decision. We love him & his music – have seem him a few times on island – but keep our distance. But being unemployed I would love to have a job with his company. Rock On Kenny – I hope you continue to be successful.

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