Go on vacation, walk a St. John dog


Photo courtesy of Carrie Dow

Here's a way to get some exercise and help the Animal Care Center at the same time.

ACC staff and volunteers walk their dogs twice each weekday, at 8:00 a.m. and 3 p.m. The walks around Cruz Bay are good for everybody.  On weekends, the walks become 90-minute hikes along the Lind Point Trail.  And anybody can help – local or visitor.  The more people who show up for the walks, the more dogs get exercised.

The International Pet Examiner published a story about the dog walks and how you can help.  "Dog walkers benefit by burning off those rum punch calories and meeting other people, both travelers and locals," the Examiner said.

Photographer Yelena Rogers went along a recent hike and posted pictures on her Facebook page. 

So did Carrie Dow, the freelance travel writer who wrote the story.  "We have to admit a selfish reason for going," she said. "We were missing our two dogs at home."  Taking the hike with the ACC dogs "was our way of staying connected with our own furry babies thousands of miles away."  (See her slide show of pictures here.)

If you'd like to walk a dog, or hike with a husky and help the Animal Care Center, get information here.

2 thoughts on “Go on vacation, walk a St. John dog”

  1. I will be on island between May 27 and June 9. Looking forward to doing this at least once while I’m there. Didn’t know they combined a dog walk with a good hike. Thanks for posting this, Frank.

  2. Great to see this story. The ACC is working to raise funds to build a new facility…those interested in assisting should subscribe to iGive. It is an online service that donates a portion of money you spend, on website shopping, to the entity of your choice. They are linked with thousands of online shopping sited, even everyday recognized companies.

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