St. John couple offers healthy cosmetics

MassagersEvery once in a while, the Inquiring Iguana askes what new business would do well on the island.  What unmet need  could bring prosperity to its founder?  No one has ever said the island needs its own massage oils.

Kate Reed and Dave Borrow thinks it does.

They have opened Island Massage CompanyDave’s a massage therapist and Kate had been blending oils for his clients.

“I soon found I could do much more using the therapeutic qualities of essential oils and other natural ingredients,” she said. “And the more research I did, the more I realized … commercial cosmetics are bad for us.”

So, Dave and Kate have gone into business marketing their own line of bug spray, itch medicine, oils and lotions,  You can learn a little more about it on their Web site.

Now, back to the Iguana’s question.  What business, if it were to open on St. John, would be a hit?  Offer your idea by making a comment here.

6 thoughts on “St. John couple offers healthy cosmetics”

  1. Their products are awesome! I always have the bug spray on hand. It smells awesome to humans, not mosquitos. And no need to shower it off before hopping into bed. Honestly, every product I have tried from them is great. I think you can find their line at St. John Spice, and I am not exactly sure where else.

  2. I’d love to see It Works Global products on the Island, and they are coming to salons, spas, and resorts soon. We offer an array of nutritional supplements and a natural skin care line, but what really sets us apart is our Ultimate Body Applicator. This is a site specific body wrap to help tone, tighten, and firm in just 45 minutes! Get fit and healthy, naturally, either at a local salon/ spa or in your own home! Help bring this to USVI! Contact me for more information: [email protected] or http://wrapme360.myitworks.com

  3. I used their afterbite/anti itch and it was awesome. Now need to get their bug spray if it is half as good as the other I will be sold forever!

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