Food price discount alert

Dolphin Gerry Singer writes an interesting blog, St. John Life.  He's a long time island resident and author of several excellent guidebooks.  He also keeps tabs on Dolphin Market and its on-again off-again discount deal. It's on-again.

Dolphin's in a tough location. Has been for months, located as it is at ground zero for the traffic Roundabout construction.  Getting into the store, never mind parking, has been difficult.  So, to try and make up for the hassle of shopping there, Dolphin's reinstated a 10% discount on orders of $50 or more.  Weekends, it goes to 20%.  Gerry says you may have to ask for the deal to get it.

The VI Department of Licensing and Consumer Affairs often finds Dolphin has the lowest food prices on the island.  Add a 10-20% discount, and the deal is unbeatable.  You can put up with a lot of hassle for $10.

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