Cleaning the Creek

Creek_1 There's lots of talk and some action – finally! – about developing the Creek, the waterfront area where the car barges used to dock.  Now it's used mainly as a truck/taxi/van parking lot and for cruise ships to deliver their day visitors.  But before that happens – and it's a long way off – the Creek needs some cleaning.

Heavy rains a year ago drove runoff and sediment from the hills, into the waters around St. John.  Thanks to currents, lots of the dirt ended up in the Creek and actually formed little islands, reducing the navigable waters for cruisers and boat owners who use the Creek or the National Park Service dock.

Creek_2So, the Deputy Inquiring Iguana was not surprised to see dredging operations underway at the Creek

Think of it as underwater plowing to smooth out the creek bed and allow boats to go to and fro.  Mark Hardgrove, the VI National Park Superintendent, said that in some places the water level came up as much as two-and-a-half feet.

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