Caneel charging for parking

Caneel1 If your idea of a great day is to camp out on the Caneel Bay beach, it's gonna cost you.

A visitor to the Virgin-Islands-On-Line forum report that as Caneel has reopened this month it's also begun charging $10 to park in the resort's lot.

However, the fee will be waived if you spend that much on food, etc, while you're there, according to one person on the forum.

For The Inquiring Iguana, this is going to be no problem.  He's always wolfed down a fantastic lunch at the beachside bar and actually refers to the place as "the home of the $40 hamburger."  That's what it ends up costing him and Mrs. II for lunch and a couple of frothy rum drinks.

Folks who don't partake of the ambiance and luxury of Caneel can always take a taxi.

11 thoughts on “Caneel charging for parking”

  1. I think the fee is fair considering they maintain their property so beautifully. Having said that I feel extremely sad for the locals who once again are being hurt financially. Soon there will be no one left that isn’t filthy rich and white living there. Soon if this continues, I am going to sour to St. John and find greener pastures or islands to frequent. Another sad statement since I have been going there at least yearly for the past 14 years.

  2. Filthy rich people of other persuasions won’t be there? I have seen prominent people of all races there – and some very poor white people!!!!

  3. I understand why a fee might be necessary but in keeping with the times and spirit of the park, I would have preferred it be a little less–eg $5 so that locals and tourists who are strapped for money can still enjoy our beaches.
    Keep in mind Caneel does not own the land–it is part of the park and my undestanding is that one of the conditions of their lease is they must allow people to use the beaches. Charging this fee (particularly at this rate) seems to violate the spirit, if not the letter, of their arrangement with the park.

  4. I totally understand the need to charge for parking, and crediting it back against foods purchases is certainly fair. One thing mentioned above does interest me. If Caneel is supposed to allow use of their “beaches” why are you only allowed to use the one beach just as you come in. Having stayed there on our honeymoon 26 years ago, I certainly see the need for security and privacy for the people paying so much to stay there, but beaches plural, means all beaches, not just one. Interesting…….

  5. No problem by us. My family will be happy to pay $10. It’s beautiful at Caneel Bay. A must visit place every time we go to St. John!

  6. When I park at Caneel, I don’t use “their beach”. I walk to Honeymoon. I’m not sure that I’ll pay $10 when I don’t use their facilities (except the parking lot)!

  7. Regarding using their beaches, you can use the one main “Big” Caneel Beach because its accessed through the common area and Honeymoon because it’s accessed via Service Road, you cannot walk through the property (Guest only areas)to get to the other beaches but you can use them – you have to get to them from the water.

  8. I say we charge for fresh air, clean water, and donkey poop! St John is getting closer to becoming everything we hate in the states. Stop the madness!

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