Ferry Boat to Serve New Purpose

John Brandi Red Hook 1
So as you all know, the situation with the new ferries has become laughable. The government essentially ordered them without ever consulting the current ferry operators. The current ferry operators own their own boats, so it makes no sense for them to lease them from the government. Delrise Varlack of Varlack Ventures, one of the current ferry boat operators, was even recently quoted as saying the government needed to “get serious” about contract terms.

Well it seems that someone has gotten serious – Captain John Brandi of Palm Tree Charters.

“You know, I was just plain sick and tired of seeing those two beauties docked over there at the sub base in St. Thomas,” Captain John said recently. “So I made the government an offer they couldn’t refuse.”

What exactly was the offer Captain John made? Well beginning this Saturday, Red Hook 1 will be renamed Palm Tree Charters Express. You read that right – Palm Tree Charters has leased one of the ferry boats. How exciting is that?!


“Now this is going to be good. Each Saturday and Sunday, I’m going to offer an express trip over to see Mick and the girls at the Soggy Dollar. Boy oh boy, I can’t wait,” Captain John said.

“The good thing is I can now transport 250 people at a time,” he continued. “The bad thing is that people will have to pack light because there’s barely any luggage space.”

Seriously, I can’t wait for the inaugural trip on Saturday.

Even the folks at the Soggy are excited. Here’s what they had to say Monday:

Trips aboard the Palm Tree Charters Express will depart each Saturday and Sunday from the National Park Dock. The cost is $50 per person roundtrip. You must be 18 and older to ride, so leave those kiddos at home.

Want to be among the first to ride on the Palm Tree Charters Express? Click here to visit Captain John’s website and to make a reservation.

9 thoughts on “Ferry Boat to Serve New Purpose”

  1. Boy oh boy !… I’m glad this is April fools day !.. This king of rumor could get d local boys a little uptight… but a h… of a good idea. Let me know if u need a partner Capt.

  2. That’s just wrong to tease us like that. $50 round trip for some of Sedy’s Mahi Quesadillas would be right on time. And with the best Capt. In the Caribbean.

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