More Drama with New Gas Station

Gas Station March 2014

So I have to admit, this never even crossed my mind…

As you all know, the new South Shore gas station is very close to being completed. Despite the fact that the land it is being built on is the subject of an ongoing court case (Click here to read New Gas Station Prompts Land Dispute), work is continuing and it appears that the gas station will be open for business in the very near future. Well things might not work as as planned…

Call me oblivious, but I never saw this coming.

How many of you have either driven or walked up Jacob’s Ladder? For those of you unfamiliar with this section of roadway, it’s located on Southside Road just before the new gas station. It’s an extremely steep and pretty intense section of roadway to say the least. Well as it turns out, Jacob’s Ladder is so steep that trucks have trouble getting up it. Case in point: Last week’s gas delivery to the new gas station. Check out this picture taken by St. John Tradewinds:

Image credit: St. John Tradewinds
Image credit: St. John Tradewinds

According to the Tradewinds, “St. John emergency officials expressed concern after they responded twice to incidents involving a fuel truck trying to make the first delivery to the new gas station on South Shore Road on Wednesday, March 26. After the truck blocked traffic for more than hour when it couldn’t climb Jacob’s Ladder — and was escorted back to Cruz Bay. The driver made a second attempt to make the delivery by trying to go through Contant to the top of the hill, where it became stuck again, and St. John Rescue responded once again as a backhoe was brought in to turn the truck around.”

We heard the truck never made it to the new gas station and had to sell it off to E&C. We’re not really sure what the current status is, but we do know that the truck dropped off the gas container in Cruz Bay Tuesday night before hopping on the barge to St. Thomas.

gas tanker

All we have to say is, karma?

10 thoughts on “More Drama with New Gas Station”

  1. That tank is massive. Use your head! Get a smaller truck! The water truck makes it over the hill to deliver water to the Weston.

  2. This is one of the concerns that they had before construction started. A smaller truck would probably be able to do it, but I sure do hope they have enough sense to require the fuel truck to have both a front and a rear escort. This hill is dangerous when wet, or when sand has been spilled, for even a passenger vehicle. A fuel spill in this densely populated, heavily traveled road would be disastrous.

  3. Making comments like ‘karma’ when you aren’t one of the involved parties and don’t truly know what the facts are is unprofessional. Just report the news and let the reader decide for him or her self if it’s a case of karma. This website was never political before. It’s a real turn-off to me. I visit the site much less because it’s more depressing and less fun. All the news you report on actually makes people not want to visit, so I don’t understand why people would advertise here. And, no, I am not an involved party in either side of the gas station or any other controversy you report on.

    • Hi Dave,

      Thanks for the feedback. I do my best to share fun and entertaining tidbits, while also publicizing what’s happening on island. The fact of the matter is that this specific instance affected a lot of people. Same goes with last week’s story about Hansen Bay. Both stories could be perceived as negative by one person but insightful and newsworthy by another person. We do our best to keep a good balance.

      Thanks again!

    • If you can’t take it Dave, don’t read it! Venture to say every local person on island such as ourselves that I have ever spoken to are completely against this gas station and yes, HAH KARMA!

  4. Makes you wonder how the concrete trucks, water trucks, trucks hauling excavators, etc ever got anywhere past that point. Smells fishy, smells like a kick back wasn’t paid. Not that VIPD officers deal and smuggle drugs or anything thing like that, thats just ridiculous crazy talk.

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