DPNR Pastory, Sirenusa action lauded

"A THANK YOU Letter to Commissioner Plaskett,

"Thank you very much for listening to St. John’s concerns about the
proposed 9-Story building in Pastory and the violations incurred by the
Sirenusa project.  We support and encourage DPNR  enforcement of our
laws and regulations.


"Doug White, Island Green Builders Association (IGBA); Lorelei
Monsanto, Unity Group; Sharon Coldren, Coral Bay Community Council,
Inc.; Kristen E. Cox, Guy Benjamin Elementary School; Rob Crane, St.
John Community Foundation; Gregory Edwards, concerned Pastory resident;
Alan Smith, and Catherine Stephen, concerned Pastory resident.

"For additional information contact Sharon Coldren at 693-5590 or
513-4298 or Doug White at 690-0217, or any of the above people.

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