Details on New Cruz Bay Restaurant

sushi st john

Sushi, sushi and more sushi!

Yesterday, we told you about the new Sushi Sundays happening over at The Longboard. Well today we’d like to share some details we’ve learned about the new sushi restaurant that’s going into the former Across the Street location, which is located right in the heart of Cruz Bay, just across from Woody’s.

The new restaurant will be called SUSH! St. John, and yes, that’s its new logo above. We think it looks pretty cool. What do you all think?

And now check out the new menu…

small plates


SUSH! is expected to open sometime around Thanksgiving. We’ll keep you all posted.


2 thoughts on “Details on New Cruz Bay Restaurant”

  1. No sushi for vegetarians and vegans? That’s almost 20% of younger travelers now. Every shushi bar around me in the US has at least one vegan choice such as avocado roll, for the customers who prefer their octopus and fish alive in the sea, not dead on their plates.

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