Details on Airline Cancellations, Refunds & More

Details on Airline Cancellations, Refunds & More 1

Hello everyone, and happy Monday! We took a few days off, so we have a lot of updates to share with you all today. Let’s start with cancellations.

There are numerous airline cancellations. Here is a quick rundown. Please note: This is an ever-changing situation, so please contact the airlines for the most up-to-date information.

  • Delta has cancelled all flights to and from St. Thomas (the airport you need to fly into when traveling to St. John) through April 24.
  • United has cancelled all flights to and from St. Thomas starting on April 7.
  • American reduced its schedule to one flight per day between Miami and St. Thomas. (One to St. Thomas; one from St. Thomas) through May 4. Beginning on May 5, there is not a consistent schedule between Miami and St. Thomas. There is one direct flight from Miami to STT on May 25. There are only seven direct flights from STT to Miami during the month of May. Clearly those schedules do not add up, as the plane typically comes from Miami, unloads passengers, reloads new passengers, and returns back to Miami. So this is one airline we will continue to watch for all of you.
  • Spirit has cancelled all flights to and from St. Thomas starting on April 7.
  • JetBlue has reduced its schedule, but continues to fly some of its flights with stops in San Juan. It will stop its direct service between Ft. Lauderdale and STT , and also Orlando and STT beginning on April 8.
  • Cape Air and Silver Airways (formerly Seaborne) continue to run flights between STT and San Juan but on a limited schedule.

The US Department of Transportation ordered all airlines to provide full refunds for flights cancelled due to COVID-19. If you want to accept a voucher for future travel, you can. But if you prefer a full refund, you are now entitled to that. Please click here to read the article posted Friday on Bloomberg. 

Now onto villa reservations… This is a bit trickier.

(I updated the following bullet points and reformatted them for clarity purposes on April 7, 2020 due to a FB admin taking my words out of context and causing unnecessary drama.)

  • If your stay falls within the 30-day period when the Governor prohibits accommodations from accepting new guests (March 25 through April 24) or while the US Virgin Islands is under a State of Emergency (now through April 30), you should receive a full refund if you want one (again for stays scheduled in April 2020 only).  This, however, is my opinion. Most owners are offering to rebook these affected stays (April 2020) f0r a later date, which is great if that works for you. It’s good for the owner, and it’s good for the guest in most cases. As you know, I prefer you all postpone, not cancel, if possible. But if you can’t (again April 2020 only), you should be entitled to a refund.
  • But if postponing your trip does not work for you and your stay was scheduled during April 2020, I suggest you contact the USVI Department of Licensing and Consumer Affairs if  you’ve requested a refund and the owner is unwilling to provide one, again for stays in April 2020 only. They were instrumental in helping guests receive refunds after the 2017 hurricanes when owners and guests had issues.
  • If your stay is on or after May 1 and the US Virgin Islands is no longer under a State of Emergency and the Governor has stated that new check ins are once again allowed, I believe the contract rules would apply and you would not be entitled to a refund. But again, this is all simply my opinion.

Now on to the stats…

As of April 6 at 9 a.m., there have been 42 positive cases of COVID-19 in the US Virgin Islands. There have been two cases on St. John, 28 on St. Thomas and 22 on St. Croix. The USVI Department of Health announced over the weekend that the US Virgin Islands had its first death due to COVID-19. They did not release any other information regarding the death. A press conference is scheduled today at 1 p.m. AST.

This is a time of uncertainty for all of us. It’s a very scary time for many. After the storms, I kept saying that we needed to get from A to B, and then we could have a semblance of normalcy. Right now, we just need to get from A to B. And it will happen. We will get through this. Life will be normal again. We’re all in this together, folks. Stay safe wherever you are.

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13 thoughts on “Details on Airline Cancellations, Refunds & More”

  1. We were able to postpone our trip. The villa owner at Sizemore Azul was fantastic. We will come down as soon as possible. Thanks to jet blue and shout out to sunshine Jeep’s. I will be back as soon as they open up. Stay safe my island

    • Samba Azul?

      We have so many amazing business owners here. And thank you for postponing! Hopefully we will see you sooner than later!

  2. Our scheduled trip in May we’ve decided to postpone we will be back September and October. Just an FYI Westin St John/Marriott Is really putting it to the screws of the owners they are not accommodating at all. That is just my opinion. Please be safe and everything‘s gonna be all right.

  3. We were coming down in May for 10 days..two different villas and both owners were SUPER accommodating about moving our trip to December.
    AquaBlu was also great about moving our Jeep reservation. Never even considered canceling. Already dreaming of the perfect STJ days. Hang in there! We’ll all be back. ❤️

  4. Thanks for the updates , Jenn. We are all scared of the unknown. We all have to learn to get from A to B. With 10 million people in the states filing for unemployment it’s truly unprecedented. Keep you and you family safe and we all will come out safe and healthy in the other side.

  5. You are so right, Jenn we are all in this together. The entire PLANET (which is, after all, the way it’s always been … we nearsighted humans just didn’t see it that way). We have family on St John we fear for, even as we do our best here far away. The only way through is to all support each other the very best we can. Bless you for being a source of communication and information. We are all traveling unknown waters now, and realizing how small our boat is.

    Stay well and safe.

  6. Thanks for the updates. I keep checking everyday, and appreciate you keeping us all informed. Hoping the island and states are out of the state of emergency by late May so we can squeeze a trip in; if not, November it is. Stay safe everyone. Here in Jersey, about 50 miles away from NYC, out in the country our numbers are relatively low and we are all hoping this is the peak week and the numbers start showing decrease after Wednesday. Love for you all.

  7. Thanks for the update and work you do — Much appreciated on many fronts.
    The biggest difference I am seeing on the A to B progression versus the post hurricane scenarios in my decades of experience here is post hurricane each day has a glimmer of progress and things do change slowly for the better.
    So far there is no news of relief from this virus which is still making life feel stressful for all of us.
    Yes I understand we will get through it.

  8. Hurricane and this are apples vs oranges. Hurricane had a quick and absolute end. Once it ended progress started however long it takes. We can’t see the absolute end of this. We hear hints of seeing the end – that would be the “A TO B”. The glimmer is the vaccine they are developing and the medicine they are giving to help this (hydroxychoriquin). To the most beautiful place in the world (my opinion) and I have been around the world twice, hang in there WE WILL RETURN

  9. Too bad the astounding USVI taxes ( 12.5% ) couldn’t be waved on only re-booked rentals, that would help the renter and owner !

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