Virtual Vacation: Jumbie

Hello everyone, and happy Tuesday! Who wants to take a virtual vacation today??! You know you do!

Today we’re bringing you over to Jumbie, one of our favorite beaches on St. John’s north shore. It also happens to be a favorite of Dalton’s, my 21-month-old son. There are only a handful of parking spots at Jumbie, so it never gets too crowded. It does include a short walk in the woods – 320 feet to be exact – and it’s completely worth it. Today’s video is under three minutes long. Enjoy!

The Governor announced Monday afternoon (April 6, 2020) that all beaches in the US Virgin Islands will be closed through April 20. This video was filmed last week, prior to the Governor’s announcement. 

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8 thoughts on “Virtual Vacation: Jumbie”

  1. This was so perfect! Definitely a must with our littles is 2 & 5! Thanks for sharing that your little one really enjoys Jumbie!

    • It’s a perfect beach for little ones as long as there isn’t a big swell. My son loves to play around the rocks at each end of the beach. And there isn’t a big drop-off in the water, so it’s easier for little ones. And lots of shade too!

  2. I LOVE Jumbie. May be my favorite. Greetings from the solitude of NYC. Thanks for sending the beauty of my favorite place on earth! ❤️

  3. That is so beautiful. I have not been to that beach yet but will add it to my list to visit the next time I am lucky enough to visit St. John.
    Thank you for taking me “away” for a few minutes.

    Peace 😉

  4. Thank you for sharing this breath of peace and tranquility, a lovely reminder of your beautiful island. We love St. John and are hoping we can be there next year since we sadly had to cancel our trip there this year due to the virus.

  5. So appreciative of this! It truly was a 3 minute vacation for me and my husband! We are missing St John so much right now and cannot wait to return soon!

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