St. John is Beautiful: Hawsknest

St. John is Beautiful: Hawsknest 1

How beautiful is Hawksnest??!! These colors are real, folks! If I post a picture on News of St. John, I can guarantee you that the colors are real and never altered. St. John really is that beautiful!

We’re taking a day off today to regroup and to work on some videos we recently filmed for you all. We have so many virtual vacations to share with you in the upcoming days and weeks. I know how much you all enjoy them.

The Governor is holding a press conference today at 1 p.m. If there are any major changes or updates, we will be sure to let you all know. Happy Friday everyone. We’re all in this together.

St. Johnopoly, St. John’s only board game, is available and is still shipping. If you would like a bit of St. John to arrive at your doorstep, you can order yours at www.newsofstjohn.com/stjohnopoly

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For the latest updates on COVID-19 and how it relates to St. John, please visit www.newsofstjohn.com/virus.

4 thoughts on “St. John is Beautiful: Hawsknest”

  1. Jenn,
    Remember your writings after the hurricanes. You were ‘scared’ .. we all are now. Keep the faith and keep the news / videos coming – the help everyone.

    ..jay – @ the reef

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