Cruz Bay to get 3rd gas station

Even as Coral Bay’s old Domino station rusts away, a new gas station is being built in Cruz Bay. 

No-See-Um’s blog posted photos of the project, described as right next to Dolphin Market.

“Let's hope we don't get any rain, which we desperately need, because that sure is steep, and we've already seen a few blunders with the other new gas station,” said NoSeeUm.

The other gas station under construction is on the south shore, across the road from the Westin resort.

5 thoughts on “Cruz Bay to get 3rd gas station”

  1. 3 Gas stations around Cruz Bay??? The Westin isn’t that far away. Are they trying to polute the island??? What’s next???? Somebody finding a way to put an Airport on Island????

  2. This is going to EC gas station. The one on centerline will get all the middle and eastern parts of the island and the new one closer to the Westin will take a lot of the south side traffic. Maybe price wars will ensue.

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