Cruz Bay Restaurant Set to Close Today

da livio restaurant

For those of you who love Da Livio’s as much as I do, today is your last day to dine at the Cruz Bay restaurant. We are sad to tell you that the restaurant has sold.

Da Livio’s opened in July 2007 and has occupied the space underneath Cruz Bay Hotel, which is across the street from The Lime Inn, for nearly 12 years. Owner Livio Leoni sold the spot to a couple of gentlemen including Jerry Lee Mace, the man who purchased Cafe Roma last year. Tonight, Friday, May 31st, is Da Livio’s last night.

The new owners plan to open a steakhouse in the spot, which will be called Dave & Jerry’s Island Steakhouse. It is expected to open in October after the space is completely renovated, according to their online postings. They recently released their new logo. Take a peek:

The new restaurant's logo The new restaurant’s logo

We’re pretty sad to see Da Livio’s close. We will keep you posted on what’s happening at the spot.

10 thoughts on “Cruz Bay Restaurant Set to Close Today”

  1. Jenn, I think Da Livio opened in 2007. We ate there every year on our annual trip to STJ. Sorry to see Da Livio close.

    • You’re absolutely correct. I wrote 2012 bc I was thinking it was open for 12 years… I blame my son for not sleeping through the night for that silly error lol

  2. We will really miss Da Livio’s. His linguine with small clams was some of the best pasta we’ve ever had–including in Italy. We are truly sad to hear that he’s closing.
    We always looked forward to eating there as soon as we got back on island.

  3. My husband and I have been avid fans of Da Livio’s for many years. We will miss their delectable northern Italian food and all those corks on the wall…

  4. I am so sorry about this news. They served amazing Italian food. Nothing like it on St John. I don’t eat steak. 🙁

  5. I wasn’t suprised that he closed. Poor fella, he didn’t stand a chance in this voracious and hostile foodie environment!

    After all, he was married to a Black woman and on this island, interracial marriages in where the wife is Black and the husband Caucasian, is usually met with lots of hostility.

    As a matter of fact, hostility, to the point where the business fails or the marriage falls apart. What is for certain, is that there can not be interracial marriages on this island where the the wife is Black, and that couple is supposed to be successful in business. Young white children are not supposed to see those types of unions and get ideas.

    A similar situation took place with Fish Trap in where their business faltered because the wife was Black and darkskinned. Of course, the restaurant did extremely well, as long as he dated white skinned women.

    Of course, some may point out that a few other white males are married to local Black females. But their occupations are not in the food industry, nor are they employed by the private white sector on the island .

    They are employed in governmental jobs; jobs that tend to offer social and economic stability to Blacks; hence the lasting of those marital unions!

    It is sad that da Livio suffered such a fate. But his failure should be the lesson to all of you involved in interracial marriages where the wife is dark skinned and Black.

    You will not be welcomed here to participate in the economic activity on this island where local whites will encourage and support.

    Surely, you can live on the island, but your marriage will falter or your economic plans for self sustainance will fail.

    Da Livio is the second model of this debacle!

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