Help Bring a Dog or Cat to Its New Home in the States

The Animal Care Center is one of our most important organizations here on St. John (in my opinion).
The Animal Care Center is one of our most important organizations here on St. John (in my opinion).

Did you know that when you’re on vacation, you can help transport a dog or a cat to its new fur-ever home in the States? It’s pretty simple to do, and it’s an important service that happens here on island.

St. John proudly has a no-kill shelter called the Animal Care Center. They do such a great job of spaying and neutering our island’s stray cats and dogs, and they have a great adoption program. They’re the reason you do not see dogs roaming the streets here like you do on many of Caribbean islands. They even support cat feeding stations around the island. Quite simply, they’re an amazing organization in my eyes.

Many of our dogs and cats fly to the states where they’re adopted or transferred to another no-kill shelter. But needless to say, they can’t fly alone. So travelers, a good deal being tourists, escort them to the states. Small dogs and cats travel with you in the cabin in a little bag that fits by your feet. Larger dogs fly in crates underneath the plane on American Airlines only. At this point, none of the other airlines that fly into St. Thomas fly pets under the plane. Escorting an animal costs nothing to the traveler, and the Animal Care Center makes all the arrangements including getting the animal to the airport. Someone will meet you at your final airport too to pick up the animal.

Currently, the Animal Care Center is looking for travelers flying to Boston on American or to Raleigh (any airline). They have a few dogs that need to travel to Boston under the plane and also a cat that needs to get to Raleigh. (Charlotte would possibly work too.)

Please help get these animals to the States.
Please help get these animals to the States.

If you are able to transport these animals, please contact the Animal Care Center. If if you are vacationing in the future and would be willing to transport an animal to your city, please contact the Animal Care Center to check out their needs. You can email them at [email protected].

As always, thank you for loving and supporting this island, critters and all! Have a great day everyone!

3 thoughts on “Help Bring a Dog or Cat to Its New Home in the States”

  1. When we left St John on 12/16/18, we worked directly with Rhea at Pets with Wings on St Thomas and escorted a beautiful puppy back to Newark NJ who went on to Waterbury Connecticut to be soon adopted by her forever family (which we were able to see posted on the FB groups Pets with Wings and also Spotty Dog Rescue). It was so easy and rewarding/gratifying to be able to help out. We will plan to do it again on our next trip when we leave STT on 12/18/19. Oh, and a bonus….. it sort of takes the terrible sting out of leaving by being pre-occupied by escorting a precious pup! Maybe next time my wife and I will take one each!

  2. Again St. John steps up as one of a kind!!
    Bravo/Brava ACC!!
    We will be in touch closer to our March “Love City” visit. Hope to be able to assist in
    the transport of a 4-legger to the states.
    Thanks, Jenn

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