Couple lists dream island business for sale

Sata It’s been a busy spring season for closing and listing eateries for sale.

The latest to go on the block is Satyamuna, the vegetarian restaurant that opened about 18 months ago.  Here’s its Web site: http://www.satyamuna.com/

Ofer Elyakim, an Israeli-born cook, and Yamuna Giuliana said they wanted to live out their dream and open up their own place, serving the local community and tourists with tasty, healthy and nutritious food.

Asking price is $59,000.  Here’s the MLS listing: http://www.islandiarealestate.com/Details.cfm?id=245&type=commercial.

The story of how they pursued their goal, on the second floor of the Marketplace, is touching. See it here: http://www.satyamuna.com/story.html.

Satyamuna is just one of almost a half-dozen restaurants that have recently been listed for sale, closed, or come under new ownership and plan to reopen.


  • Fish Trap … back into business, as of yesterday, June 3.  Welcome back!

Recently Closed

  • China Shack, Marketplace
  • Stone Terrace, Cruz Bay
  • Subway, Cruz Bay

Maybe closed

  • Seniorita Pizza, Wharfside.  The phone rings and rings and rings.


  • Island Blues, closed, but a stateside owner is reportedly planning a new try.
  • Tage, but not with that name.  Walter Hinds, the award-winning chef from the Stone Terrace, has reportedly taken a lease on the space.

    By the way, the Inquiring Iguana also hears that there’s a new chef at DaLivio’s, the Italian restaurant in Cruz Bay.  First reports are … he’s very. very good.

          And speaking of restaurants, Ruth at St. John Spice has updated her listing of summer/fall restaurant/bar closings.  See it here: http://stjohnspice.com/stjohnrestaurants.htm

Finally, this item. Ted Robinson, the genius cook behind Tage, and now executive chef at Starfish Market, is advertising for help.  He wants to hire a full time "prep cook" to work with him.  Sounds like a golden opportunity for someone who really wants to work and learn. Call Ted at (340) 779-4949.

13 thoughts on “Couple lists dream island business for sale”

  1. Chef Ted is overrated. $11 for a crummy chicken caesar salad? Pluuueeehhhz. Being the supposed genius chef that he is, why is he working in a supermarket?

  2. Is Chilly Billy’s opened or closed? I have tried to go to their website several times and get an error messsage each time saying that the website is not valid.Did the website change or have they closed? Thanks for your help!!!

  3. Sherri, the former Chilly Billy’s is now Jake’s (owned by the owners of the Front Yard) and is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

  4. I agree that it should be a bit embarrassing to call yourself an “executive chef” when you’re working in a grocery store.

  5. Thanks Gary, How is the food at Jakes? We are going to be there in August and were looking forward to a burger from Chilly Billy’s. Know of anywhere that we could get one as tasty?

  6. Executive Chef Ted Robinson IS THAT GOOD!! I am sure the Starfish stint is just a bridge to his next adventure. I and others can speak first hand about his creations and we are very much looking forward to him returning to his next restaurant stop.

  7. I was a sucker that paid the $11 and you know what? It was ONLY OKAY.
    I enjoyed Ted at Tage as much as everyone else, but I just get tired of hearing about Chef Ted all the time when there are other very good chefs on the island as well. He’s not Alain Ducasse for goodness sake.

  8. lilli, I think I saw a picture of that ‘caesar salad’ posted somewhere and since I haven’t tasted it so can’t comment on it’s ‘tastiness’, but it sure looked waaaaaaaay overpriced for the three endive leaves.

  9. Anyone know if the bar in the center of cruz bay is still for sale. Cant recall the name. But tucked back behind shops…long wooden bar overlooking large open air area. Was still for sale last August-September 2008

  10. I asked the bartender when we went last year and he said “Its always for sale, if the price is right!” I saw one of the listings stating that the pizza place across from it was part of the deal too?

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