VIs trying to replace AA flights

While American Airlines has announced staff layoffs and flight schedules affecting Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands Governor is trying to soften the blow.  The Associated Press reported, “talks have started with small regional carriers to expand service to the U.S. Virgin Islands.”  The report said the Gov. John deJongh hopes that new airlines might begin service to the territory or expand existing flight schedules to lessen the blow reduced tourism would deliver to the economy.

5 thoughts on “VIs trying to replace AA flights”

  1. Isn’t the VI government or airport authority notoriously late in paying the airlines? if so, this will affect their willingness to work with us.

  2. While most of us hate to fly via Puerto Rico, there are tons of bargain flights to & frm there. But the cost of the puddle jumpers between PR and STT make them cost prohibitive. Seems to me that getting a couple of reasonably priced flights with decent connections would open lots of possibilities for us.

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