Concordia Eco Resort is Open For Business!

Concordia Eco Resort is Open For Business!

Good Morning, Good Morning!  I have some GREAT news for you all this morning!  This week, a flood of posts from the beautiful eco resort that overlooks Salt Pond hit Facebook.  Signifying that Concordia Eco Resort has finally made a recovery from the damage and disrepair caused by Hurricane Irma in 2017.  And it looks absolutely incredible!

Concordia Eco Resort is Open For Business! 1

Founded in the 1970’s, Concordia Eco Resort was a thriving off the beaten track escape for those in search of simple lodgings with easy access to Mother Nature for decades prior to the impact of the 2017 storms.  Like many popular accommodations damaged at that time (Caneel Bay & Cinnamon Bay Campground), Concordia sat empty and broken for the first few years.  But, it seems that they are now fully open for business with some amazing new features and renovations!

Concordia Eco Resort is Open For Business! 2
The newly renovated lobby

Now, the resort announced in April that they had a few tents repaired and ready to rent.  But, yesterday, the following announcement was posted:

The pool, gift shop, front office, 17 tents and 8 studio units are ready and improved. The restaurant is set to open very very soon. In 2022 we will be rebuilding the remaining 7 tented units with improvements and finishing all the suite near the pool. – Concordia Eco Resort

If you are looking for primitive and affordable, yet comfortable, accommodations with walking access to trails and beaches, these awesome treehouse style “tents” on the South East side of St. John are worthy of checking out.  Many of them sleep up to six and start at only $99/night!

Concordia Eco Resort is Open For Business! 3

They also have opened eight studio units that all  have ocean views, two queen beds, a kitchenette, and private bathroom.  The studio units sleep four and start at $169 per night.

Concordia Eco Resort is Open For Business! 4

And each and every guest on property, regardless of your pick for sleeping quarters, will enjoy a pool with this view!

Concordia Eco Resort is Open For Business! 5

I, personally, am super excited for the restaurant to re-open so I can get out there to enjoy the views and check out the new menu!  If you find yourself out near Salt Pond or Lameshur, stop by and wish the team a hearty congratulations. I’m sure it has been a long four years for those of them out there struggling to rebuild!  And check out their website for reservation information and updates.

PSA-  I’m sure a lot of you have Cinnamon questions after reading this post…I’ll be updating you on the beloved North Shore campground next week 🙂

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  1. Hello, and Congratulations, I came in 2016 with my Travel Club, question, has the Pool been replastered or updated? Sadly it was disappointing when we were there.

  2. I hope the reviews of Concordia are better than Frank Chapman’s other property, Heart Six Guest Ranch in Wyoming. That being said, I’m very happy that it is re-opening. Great location and affordable!

  3. Concordia is in one of the most beautiful locations on the island! We have stayed there before. Unfortunately, our stay was nowhere close to the views. The first night, it was windy and rainy, and soon after the weather started, the water started pouring in through the walls and along the floor. Some dripped on to us as we lay in bed. This got many of our things wet, as we hadn’t thought we’d have to raise our belongings up as if we were in a flood. The second night, more rain and wind, and you guessed it, more water seeping in. I lost hours of sleep moving things around, putting towels down, and just worrying about where the water was going to come in next. There were at least 4 tents that had the same issue. Some had soaking mattresses, while others had soggy floors. The resort already knew about this, as they had already ordered materials and supplies to fix the issue, and yet they rented us the unit anyway at full price without telling us it was a possibility that we’d get wet.
    In addition, as they are building or rebuilding the resort, there is still trash, construction debris, loose and exposed wires, and other detritus everywhere. I would think they would want to clean up first before rebuilding. It’s sad to see what has become of Concordia, but I hope they recover and return to greatness.
    UPDATE (8/6/2021): After contacting Frank Chapman who manages the property from Wyoming, ten days later, this was his first response to us: “As you are aware, you are not getting a discount or refund and we have told you we are not revisiting this decision. Our local team member investigated and felt that you were simply blowing this up to attempt to take advantage and receive money or a discount.” We had never received a response before this, and we have been visiting STJ for 27 years without a problem, until now.
    These bully tactics are probably his MO, but they will not be tolerated. I will update when this case is resolved.

  4. Here’s another review from a traveler who stayed during the same week we did:
    Beautiful surroundings, and very initially accommodating and helpful with late check in, thanks you!!
    But, unfortunately, very run-down. I understand there were hurricanes…years ago. All the debris remains- destroyed tents, water tanks, every soda and beer can left by every worker. Trash everywhere., construction debris everywhere, sketchy exposed wiring throughout the property, no signage, no hooks in rooms (so all clothes either go back your bag or on the floor) NO BATHROOM DOOR (better know your companions very, very well, cuz you’ll be pooping in front of them). Toilet paper sits on the concrete floor. No front door latches (there is a nail). Dishes are nasty (despite their threat of being fined for leaving things “dirty”). No table,but we watched a beautiful sunset while eating on the steps). Rodent droppings on kitchen shelves, fresh each day, Roofs leak (we spent a night trying to find a place in the one room to sleep while rain water came in everywhere, soaking bags, mattresses, sheets, etc., but the beds are nailed to the wall and can’t be moved. Also, the thunderous sound of the tent walls slapping against the cabin frame all night may make it impossible to get a nights sleep.
    You will be fined for ANYTHING, they have it printed everywhere- $200 if you don’t do this, $500 for messing up their linen return and garbage routine. But they are apparently accountable for NOTHING. Their response to our inquires was polite (you can change rooms…but they’re all the same ) and “yeah, sorry, corporate doesn’t really like to hear that stuff”, so polite but unhelpful.
    It’s glamping, I get it, but so much they fail to disclose, while touting the admittedly gorgeous view (just don’t look anywhere except at the ocean), it seemed like a bit of a cash grab.

  5. I stayed in an eco-tent 1/30 – 2/6. Concordia is not the place to stay if you’re used to having amenities beyond basic shelter. It is located on a very remote and deserted part of the island, if you don’t have your own transportation don’t even think about coming here. The taxi’s from Cruz Bay don’t want to come out here, almost a 1-hour drive each way, it cost us $25/person one way, and upwards of $200 to transport your group here, that is if you can even find a driver willing to take you. There’s nothing within miles of the resort for food shopping, and/or eating at a restaurant. The office charges $4 a gallon for drinking water; this is the hot/desert side of the island, it can feel like Death Valley, you’ll be drinking a lot of water. It is nearly impossible to figure out the bus schedule, which is why it is mostly empty as it rides to and fro; the fare is $1, you get what you pay for. If you’re looking for an absolutely no frills place to stay, with little or no interaction with other people this could be the place for you. If you have any expectations, you’ll be extremely disappointed. The main reception desk is only open a couple of hours a day to allow people to check in or buy a soda. The store, restaurant and bar are completely closed. The people at the front desk are very nice. But something isn’t right here. All construction work has come to an abrupt halt, and this place feels moribund.

  6. I just returned from Concordia and I agree with the previous comments. The views are beautiful, but the place feels like a dead zone. Trash was piled up for days, the staff contradicted themselves daily about costs, refund policies, and amenities, most of the tents leak and they pretended to be surprised, but after reading reviews I see that it is a known condition. We had to buy rat traps to keep our food safe. How hard would it be to provide door locks and plastic bins for your dry goods? This is my fifth year visiting St. John but my first time at Concordia, and I will never stay at Concordia again. THEY ARE THE WORST. STAY AWAY.

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