Giving Tuesday- A Showcase of St. John Non-Profit Organizations

Giving Tuesday- A Showcase of St. John Non-Profit Organizations

Happy Tuesday to you all!  Giving Tuesday that is 🙂  Over the past several weeks, I have been sharing with you A LOT of fundraisers and raffles, which are great ways to give back while also possibly getting something in return.  But, today, on a day of global generosity, I thought it might be neat to simply share with you a list of amazing, St. John organizations that do SO much for the Love City Community.  I have a bleeding heart for the organizations on St. John that do SO MUCH GOOD here in support of the community and the environment in this beautiful place.   These organizations run solely on generosity from their donors and dedicated volunteers.  So, in the spirit of giving, today and any other day that you’re feeling generous and a need to give back to the place that gives us all SO much, please reference this list of non-profit organizations on St. John to direct your tax deductible giving back to the place that has your heart 🙂

For the Kids and Young Adults:

Love City Pan Dragons-   The Pan Dragons are fun for all ages and instill both a sense of cultural awareness and a passion for music in each of the members of their steel orchestra, ranging in age from 6 to 70.  They rely solely on grants, donations and the hard work of their board of directors and volunteers (and the musicians!) to keep the music playing.

Giving Tuesday- A Showcase of St. John Non-Profit Organizations 1
The Pan Dragons perform at many events around St. John and are often featured at Mongoose Junction,

New Day Workshop & Cafe– This is a FANTASTIC new organization on St. John.  Short of My Brother’s Workshop on St. Thomas, there are not other “trade” education opportunities here outside of the New Day Workshop and Café!  Their goal is to offer opportunities to the youth of St John with technical and professional skills for a satisfying and gainful career. The project offers on the job training and experience for those youth seeking guidance and direction.  Empower our youth by supporting this beautiful new opportunity for them on St. John!

Giving Tuesday- A Showcase of St. John Non-Profit Organizations 2
Students in the carpentry program at New Day Cafe and Workshop show off a beautiful cabinet they are building.

St. John School of the Arts– St. John School of the Arts empowers our island’s youth and their families through our passion for music, dance, theatre and visual arts.  They provide in-school and after-school art and performance arts programs that provide for a more well-rounded education for our youth and a cultural outlet for St. Johnians of all ages!  No child is left behind at this amazing school of the arts as they provide scholarship and grant opportunities for under privilged kiddos to participate in their programs.  And those opportunities are funded by generous people like you!

Giving Tuesday- A Showcase of St. John Non-Profit Organizations 3
SJSA provides a more well-rounded education for students on St. John with support for the arts.

For the Animals:

Animal Care Center of St. John– This organization is one that you all know and love!  The Animal Care Center (ACC) addresses the problems of cruelty to, neglect and abuse of island animals. The shelter provides kennels for homeless dogs and inside cages for a limited number of homeless cats.  So, they rescue the puppies and kitties of St. John and help to find them a FUR-ever home!

Giving Tuesday- A Showcase of St. John Non-Profit Organizations 4
Who doesn’t love PUPPIES?

St. John Wildlife Rehabilitation– This organization strives to create a community-based network of volunteer responders and rehabilitators through hands-on wildlife rehabilitation education, as well as to be a resource for wildlife based care and information for our island community.  They work with all native species and try to help avoid human/animal conflict through education.  Achieving a positive outcome wherever possible is their goal.  They assist in rescuing and rehabilitating donkeys, sea turtles, birds and other native species that find themselves victim to an incident, leaving them impaired in some way.

Giving Tuesday- A Showcase of St. John Non-Profit Organizations 5
Support an organization that saves donkeys, birds, turtles and other furry and sea dwelling friends who can’t fend for themselves!

For the Community:

Love City Strong– LCS serves the community of St. John, USVI, in the areas of disaster preparedness and disaster response through mitigation and supporting community resilience.  They provide jobs for a 100% local to St. John staff and are the first to jump to the helm in times of need.  They were at the forefront of response and recovery efforts following Hurricanes Irma and Maria and in COVID-19 community support.  These people wear capes my friends, and their efforts are funded by grants and generous donations.

Giving Tuesday- A Showcase of St. John Non-Profit Organizations 6
The Love City Strong team

Island Health and Wellness Center–  Island Health and Wellness provides quality, compassionate and affordable healthcare to adults, children and families of all ages and genders in need of primary, preventive and educational medical services.  Prior to their existence on St. John, there were ZERO affordable healthcare options for St. Johnians outside of Medicaid.  That, paired with Virgin Islanders’ inability to qualify for any type of individualized health care plan make this health center an integral part of the well-being for our community members.

Giving Tuesday- A Showcase of St. John Non-Profit Organizations 7
The Island Health and Wellness Center offers kind and affordable care to St. Johnians…And Visitors in need!

St. John Community Foundation– SJCF is committed to collaboratively identifying and addressing community needs to enhance St. John; A True Paradise in which to live, work and visit!  The foundation of the St. John Long Term Recovery Team is accredited to SJCF who also sprang into action following the 2017 storms.  They have developed a long term recovery plan that addresses the needs of the community in a “big picture” type of way.  Let’s help them implement those plans!

Giving Tuesday- A Showcase of St. John Non-Profit Organizations 8
The St. John Community Foundation is STILL re-building homes destroyed or damaged in the 2017 storms.

St. John Rescue– This is an all volunteer organization dedicated to saving lives, providing community education and building a better way of life for the people of St. John.  And, they just celebrated their 25th anniversary!  They are dedicated to providing emergency rescue and medical support services to St. John’s EMS, Police, Fire, National Park, and Health Clinic personnel.   In a nut shell, if you have a medical emergency while on St. John, you will be thankful that St. John Rescue is here!

Giving Tuesday- A Showcase of St. John Non-Profit Organizations 9
St. John Rescue recently hosted a CPR training for Gifft Hill Students

For the Environment, Land and Park:

St. John Land Conservancy- This non-profit community organization is dedicated to the preservation of the natural and historic resources of St. John.  They share the concern that the island is threatened with the destruction of natural habitat, historic and cultural resources,
​and the loss of public access.  And they strive to mitigate these threats by attaining land and other resources to protect from future development so that all St. Johnians and visitors alike can continue to enjoy the splendor of this beautiful island.

Giving Tuesday- A Showcase of St. John Non-Profit Organizations 10
A recent achievement by St. John Land Conservancy keeps the tip of Lovango Cay protected for all to enjoy.

Friends of Virgin Islands National Park– The official philanthropic partner of the Park, Friends assists and advises the National Park Service in assuring the Park’s unique terrestrial and marine resources are protected, the Virgin Island’s cultural treasures in the Park are preserved, and visitors and community are connected to their Park through volunteerism, education, and advocacy.

Giving Tuesday- A Showcase of St. John Non-Profit Organizations 11
Turtle Etiquette – Friends VINP

Island Green Living Association– From a prosperous can recycling program to the reef safe sunscreen initiative.  From the foundation of the ReSource Depot thrift store to the territory’s ban on plastic straws.  This organization is the trailblazer for all things green on St. John.  If you are an advocate for the environment and the preservation of this precious place, this organization is one you will want to support!

Giving Tuesday- A Showcase of St. John Non-Profit Organizations 12
Crush some Cans with Island Green!

I know that these non-profit posts are not as glamourous as, say the opening of a new restaurant or the announcement of a travel update.  But these organizations all help to make St. John the unique and breathtaking destination that you all choose to visit year after year.  The outside fiscal support for these non-profits is imperative to the preservation of St. John and support for the year-round community here.  Whether it is $5 or $500, whatever you can afford to give, I would encourage you to review the list above and pick one to support today on this beautiful Giving Tuesday.  Have a great day folks!!!  And THANK YOU for loving St. John!


Giving Tuesday- A Showcase of St. John Non-Profit Organizations 13
Trunk Bay, St. John

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  1. VIAS Virgin Islands Audubon Society would be another non profit group. The main goal is to foster an appreciation for the wildlife on St John and to protect their habitats. Working closely with the youth of St John through various educational programs .

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