Coffee Break in Great Cruz Bay

Coffee Break in Great Cruz Bay

Good Afternoon and Happy Fri-YAY!  If you’re in the same boat (figuratively speaking:)) as I am, it’s been a CRAZY busy week and could use a little break.  I’m working on three very amazing stories and have been conducting and transcribing interviews all week in addition to writing the daily posts, working on Asante with Teddy AND doing all of my design and marketing side projects.  This morning, I decided to take a quick break and come up for air away from my computer to soak in the sun and the view for a moment.  And I wanted to share it with you 🙂

I hope this much needed break for me also benefits all of you and your Friday afternoon.  If you have ever stayed at the Westin or in Great Cruz Bay, you might spot some familiar sights from a different perspective on the water.  Enjoy the view and have a great weekend everyone!



4 thoughts on “Coffee Break in Great Cruz Bay”

  1. We are flying in to the USVI tomorrow and can’t wait! Your information about the USVI Covid sign in was very helpful. However, I do want to mention that when you upload your negative test results to the site, make sure you show your CLIA number and the address where you had your test. We were red until we got this submitted. Thanks for all you do!

  2. We just had a fantastic week in St John! I have so enjoyed your newsletter all along the way:) We loved seeing all the work going on in town (Cruz Bay) to get things back to beautiful post Hurricane. The new Joe’s Rum Hut is so spectacular and we finally got much coveted reservations at Lime Inn and it was just amazing. We tried a few new beaches, and saving the best for last….we hiked the very short hike to Peace Hill which for anyone who isn’t a hiker, this is a must!! It’s the shortest easiest hike, with the best views….a true Sound of Music moment once you get to the top. So glad we found out about this!

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