Where the money for Gifft Hill repairs came from

Cnn CNN reports … "The U.S. Virgin Islands are riding a wave of federal tax dollars these days."

CNN estimates Gov. John de Jongh's administration has the territory in line to receive $130 million dollars.

CNN adds, "The government's stimulus Web site shows of the $19 million received by the Virgin Islands so far, 152 jobs have been created, about $127,000 per job."

Watch the CNN report by clicking here.

3 thoughts on “Where the money for Gifft Hill repairs came from”

  1. Gee, that’s not bad, for every $127,000 the feds spend it creates one job. Now that is efficient government at work! If these stats came from the feds they could be “exaggerations”. What we don’t know and what they won’t tell you is how much do these jobs pay and how long will they last. One thing that is true however is the federal government is the most inefficient way to do anything. Big government sucks…the life out of our economy.

  2. So, yes if you divide the whole sum by the number of jobs you get that number. Of course, you might want to include other costs to get some reality, like materials for example or equipment or engineering. This is plain misrepresentation, and in case no one knows, WE PAY FED TAX, in full.

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