Construction projects benefit parking, roads, fishermen

Nearly $20 million dollars worth of government-financed construction, excavation, ferry boats and consulting are being spent on the island this year, according to an article in the Virgin Islands Daily News. Most of the work is being financed by an $87 million government bond issue

Reporting on a statement from the Department of Public Works, the Daily News said the largest project is the $6.9 million Cruz bay Roundabout which is 90% complete and due to be finished in June.

MapOther projects:

A marketplace for local fishermen and a parking lot at the Enighed commercial port costing $2.2 million.  Commissioner Darryl Smalls is quoted saying the lot is "temporary" until land can be found for a parking garage.

Refurbishing the park in Cruz Bay, known formally as Franklin Powell Park.  An estimated $300,000 will be spent on new sidewalks and landscaping.  "We want to enhance the first thing you see," , Smalls said, according to the Daily News.

Another $4.6 million is being spent on fixing Gifft Hill'sE&C gas station in Cruz Bay all the way up the hill and onto Centerline Road (the route in red) including potholes, drainage chasms, guardrails and signs.

Two new ferry boats are expected to be "in the water" late this year

7 thoughts on “Construction projects benefit parking, roads, fishermen”

  1. I’m happy to hear that the Franklin Powell Park is getting a facelift. The park looked very tired and too trampled on. Can’t wait to see the new park with extended arms to welcome the people to the island. I’m sure it will look beautiful with all its tropical plants in splendor.

  2. All the government bonds are gonna build up to the point we can’t pay them off. But it is keeping people employed. Construction is necessary. Which is better? Letting a park get so bad you have to dump a few hundred million into it later or $87 million now?

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