Hawksnest, out with the old

Park_sign Hawksnest is one of the best beaches on the north shore.  And it's getting some buffing thanks to new signage from the National Park Service.  These picture's show the difference between the old (The Inquiring Iguana took the one at the bottom) and the new one, above, was (taken by a real pro, Janet Simonsen (http://www.stevesimonsen.com/).


It's been good beach weather for several weeks, even hot, say locals.  AccuWeather forecast today is for Real Feel of 90.  No rain for several weeks, either, which is putting a lot of pressure on cisterns.  (That roaring sound you may hear is a water truck on the way to your villa!)

13 thoughts on “Hawksnest, out with the old”

  1. You can NOT dial 911 for emergencies at the beach for 2 reasons; 1 – little to no cell service at Hawksnest. 2 – you CAN NOT DIAL 911 from a cell phone in St John. you must dial 340-776-9111. Or call st john rescue

  2. Maybe that’s some of the reason that out of three trips last year, two of the them were to St Croix. More space . .cheaper prices . . and a WHOLE LOT NICER LOCALS!!! Sorry but St. John is really becoming more like Disney. Couldn’t enjoy a villa at Fortsberg on the last trip without getting complaints from a neighboring villa that our villa’s lights were on!!! Good grief…

  3. more money spent on STUPID SIGNS!!! just like in Coral Bay, we had fun artsy signs, but the church decided to take them all down and now we have a big catchers mit with boring metal signs, no character!!! so sad….

  4. All You People Above This Posting,Go With Kevin To St.Croix.More Room For US….A Sign.Get Over It.The 60-70’s Are Long Gone!!!!Progress Baby.Drink Another Beer And Go back To Sleep.

  5. I live in the states and spend a week or so on St.John every year. The last thing this island needs is to be overly Americanized. Keep it simple that’s why we keep coming back. Please don’t industrialize paradise.

  6. I agree with Brent. I hope St. John does not get ruined by (as he put it- becoming “Americanized”).The old charming signs,cozy places to eat,and relaxed beaches…these are why we all keep coming back. We don’t need another built up island, there are enough of those to choose from already.

  7. @bad info….the name suits. Yes you can dial 911 from cell phones as I had an emergency and did just that. Hawksnest has cell reception. Sprint and ATT work fine for most folks. I do miss the old sign though.

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