St. John Sun Times upgrades Web site

Eloise Ham
, the new owner of the Sun Times, has said improving her newspaper’s Web site is a priority and she’s beginning to follow through.

The design hasn’t changed, and that annoying reggae track (featuring the island’s own Inner Visions) plays each time you hit the page whether you want it or not.  I love the band, but ….

Now, there are inks to stories in the paper.  For example here. And there are also lots of photos, like "Stacey shows off her excellent form (chugging)."

7 thoughts on “St. John Sun Times upgrades Web site”

  1. Annoying reggae???? Why are you in the Caribbean??? You must have missed the button on their web site that says STOP MUSIC.

  2. Yeah Frank. The nerve of you being in the Caribbean and you don’t enjoy reggae. How dare you!!! Debbie is right on the STOP button on this one.

  3. If The Inner Visions song is “ANNOYING REGGAE”…..why are you selling the C.D.’S in your Gift Shop….Frank are you what would be called a hypocrite? Please explain !!!!
    This band IS AWSOME !!!!!

  4. Having music play automatically when a Web page is downloaded is very old style site programming and annoying if it’s a site to which you frequyently go.
    It’s not reggae which is bothersome … it is the repetition of the same track.
    Heck, I’d find Van Morrison annoying too, if I had to listenb to the same repetitive track before I could hit the “mute” button.
    So, shoot me.

  5. This isn’t a comment as much as a question, but Will the new St. John Sun Times’ layout be using an RRS when the upgrade is finished? I’d love to put it on my home page along with this site & four other USVI sites, but as yet I can’t bring it through. Any information would be helpful. Thanks.

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