Caneel Bay land deal before Senate

Caneel1Legislation to authorize  a 40-year lease of Caneel Bay's land to owners of the resort has passed the House and is now in committee in the US Senate.  The bill is supported by Donna Christensen, the Territory’s Delegate to Congress.

It would authorize the Secretary of the Interior to lease 170 acres to CBI Acquisitions.

The current agreement expires in 2023.  It provides that the land then be folded into the National Park.

However, Park superintendent Mark Hargrove told the Virgin Islands Daily News he supports extending the current agreement.  He told the paper that would be most efficient for taxpayers and would be in the best interests of the cultural resources of the property.  

The Marketing Director for Caneel said visitors are expecting more amenities and newer facilities. CBI Acquisitions explained it needs a new deal, and its security, to justify the expense of improvements and renovations to the property. 

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  1. I know Caneel has held off on improvements (like the new spa added several years ago at Little Dix Bay) due to uncertainy with the VINP lease. Today Caneel must compete with new luxury properties in the Caribbean such as the Four Seasons Nevis and Jade Mountain St Lucia. While Caneel has always been about the property, high end travelers expect a certain level of amenities (such as a spa). Let’s hope the lease renewal will be a catalyst for improvements at Caneel which will keep the resort competitive in the Caribbean market.

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